Hormonal breakouts don’t care how old you are – they’re for everyone to enjoy. But I’ve decided to look on them as an opportunity to put some beauty tricks to the test, and share with you the products that have got my skin under control.

Yup, you heard me. After a breakout-tastic winter, I’m now zit free, and I put it down to the cunning use of some facial oils. It might seem counter-productive to use an oil but the right blend of essential oils, used sparingly, can balance an upset complexion like nobody’s business. Here are my top five breakout busting facial oils.

First up is one I’ve been using to calm breakouts for donkeys years. Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil (£32) is a classic because it works. Rosemary, geranium and lotus extracts purify and refine, but there’s no tightness because hazelnut oil prevents moisture loss. Press on in the evening while your skin is still damp from cleansing and your complexion will wake up calmed and balanced.


If you haven’t tried Angela Langford’s facial oils then I suggest you do as a matter of urgency. Balanced & Beautiful (£20.50) is my go-to when I’m feeling a bit bumpy and need some pore clearing-up done – but still want a few age-busting omegas. This oil contains cypress, bergamot and lemongrass, smells delicious and is honestly one of the finest face oils under the sun.

Angela Langford

Next up is from Dr Hauschka: Clarifying Day Oil (£25.50). An oil, in the day? I know. But bear with the good doctor, he knows his stuff. This is not greasy at all, and if you pat it on sparingly it ‘normalises’ your skin (in fact it used to be called Normalizing Oil). I use a serum underneath for hydration, and this as a breakout-proof day moisturiser on top. Lovely.

Dr Hauschka

Darphin wrote the book on therapeutic oils and for combination and oily skin they have Niaouli Aromatic Care (£45). This carefully balanced blend of niaouli, cypress, lemon, rosemary, and lavender oils mattifies while restoring glow. And, like every single thing Darphin does, it smells posh and wonderful.


Finally, one of the most horrible side-effects of a breakout is the accompanying irritation. Cura Oil (£35), contains red mandarin, which acts as a decongestant to draw out dirt, blackheads and other impurities and balance skin, and it also helps to soothe, as well as reducing redness and itching.








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