I’m washing my hair

Just like my skin, my hair has an annual winter freak-out thanks to cold winds, central heating and too much styling for all those parties. Thankfully, at this time of year it’s permissible to wear a hat, but there’s only so long you can keep one on inside without people asking questions. I know, I’ve tried it.

So, if you’re using the same products you packed in your wash bag when you went on holiday in the summer, it might be time to update with some winter hair saviours. And this week, I’m all about the wash…

First up is OGX Reviving Awapuhi Ginger – my new, super-gentle winter wash set, which feels even more advent-tastic thanks to the ginger. The shampoo and conditioner (£6.99 each) knock similar priced products out of the park to give you silky, tangle free tresses and hair that feels really strengthened after washing.


There’s a new trend for no-wash washing, which is perfect for my curls as sometimes I need to wash my hair, not because it’s dirty, but because its texture needs sorting. This idea, where you just rinse through a conditioner rather than shampoo, works on non-curly hair types too and is perfect for winter when you want to put as little stress on your hair as possible. Try Ojon Rare Blend Moisture-Rich Cleansing Conditioner (£18.50), which cleanses and refreshes hair without too much lather.


Another no-wash treatment is the sublime Restore from Julien Farel (£28). Called a ‘cleanse-treat-condition’ formula, the ideas is that you use this once or twice a week in place of your normal shampoo and conditioner. I keep this phrase for special occasions but I’m going to pull it out now: this is a game-changer.


Julien Farel

After my wash, I’ve parked the beach-friendly oils in favour of a mousse – namely milk_shake Conditioning Whipped Cream (£15.29). This contains milk proteins (hence the gorgeous creamy smell) so it softens and conditions, but the mousse formula means it doesn’t weigh hair down.


Finally, something else that has perked up my hair washing routine – a towel. But not any towel, it’s Boucleme Curl Towel (£19), and this little beauty dries your hair in half the time, thanks to its 46% bamboo – but it doesn’t mess up your curls, if you have them. A phenomenal frizz-fighter.


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