Clean Up Your Act

StyleNest’s Beauty Bird, Eleanor Tucker rounds up the best fresh facial cleansers, ideal for spring.

I love the way that the change in seasons means a revamp of the bathroom cabinet. Now that it’s officially spring, and the heating isn’t on practically all of the time, I’ve pushed those balm cleansers to the back and brought out some fresher cleansers.

Remember, just because you’re rinsing off your cleanser with water (in the shower or not, however you like it) it doesn’t mean it has to be a dryness-inducing SLS-packed foam-fest. Here are my favourite rinse-off cleansers that will leave you feeling fresh as a spring flower.

First up is an absolute treat from French brand Melvita – their new Purifying Cleansing Jelly (£16). It’s billed as a product for oily or combination skin, and as I do have a slight combination tendency it really works if I’m feeling hormonal. Smells floral and fresh, lasts for ages. Gorgeous.

meltiva face cleanser

Elemental Herbology is just a fabulous brand and one I don’t feature enough. I am currently hooked on their Harmonising Cleanse (£29). This is an oil but one that turns milky when water hits it, then rinses off. It’s delicious, and cuts through makeup like nobody’s business. I like the way it’s designed for combination skin but also anyone who has hormonal breakouts. A serious hardworker.

Elemental Herbology

If a cleanser has a bit of a lather, it doesn’t mean it’s not for skin over 25. This is why I love Vitage’s Revitalising Daily Cleanse (£24), which has a lovely bit of bubble action but also helps repair and prevent environmental skin damage.

Vitage Revitalising Daily Cleanse

Equally age-busting (not a phrase I’m that comfortable with due to the fact I’m quite happy with my age, but hey) is Time Bomb’s Take-off Time Cleansing Cream (£15). This is a real glow-getter – tiny microdermabrasion particles (and I mean tiny, you can’t feel them) slough off dullifying dead skin and leave you with a super-hydrated but brand new complexion. Massage into damp skin and rinse off with water.


Finally, Clarins, who know cleansing better than most. For spring, my top pick is their Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel (£12). It’s purse-friendly and you only need a dot to get a lovely bit of foaminess. There’s no post-cleanse tight feeling, thanks in part to the fact that it contains Moringa. I like using this after removing makeup, it really freshens and acts like a cleanse and tone in one. Lovely stuff.


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