Tis the season for breaking the hairdryer mould of yesteryear

I have been inundated with offers to try different hairstyling tools lately – and it seems the flavour of the season is a new take on the traditional hairdryer. To be honest I have been pleasantly surprised by many (see previous posts for particular favourites – a ‘reverse’ hairdryer (sucks hair dry with cool air!) and a volumising blow-dry brush (which I now use every weekend!)), but the latest one to impress me is that little bit more simple, more affordable than many, and fits into your regular hair washing routine seamlessly without having to hone any new blow-dry skills either!

The hairdryer in question is called Untamed and it harnesses technology and ingredients already known and proven to benefit the hair health: Argon Oil + Ionic Technology.

Argon Oil is commonly used in hair treatments and conditioners to help nourish and de-frizz the hair, it can also promote healthy hair growth.

Ionic Technology pulls negative ions from the hair to instantly de-frizz and smooth the hair.

Untamed comes with 3 x 5ml bottles of Argon Oil which, when finished, you simply refill with your own choice of Argon or Moroccan oil (such a good idea – it feels more economical somehow!).

The Argon oil is infused via a specially designed nozzle, which looks like a regular nozzle except with the inclusion of a valve to which you screw in the little bottle of oil. The oil is dispersed oh so finely and evenly as you rough dry the hair until it’s around 90% dry. This in itself is a big change for me – I NEVER rough dry my hair! My hair is so curly and frizzy, that I can’t risk drying it without being smoothed and pulled into place. However, I stuck to the rules and rough dried it, all the while wondering if I was going to be left with a half greasy/half crazy frizz hair-do. Next, you change the nozzle to a regular one to dry and style your hair as normal -no new skill or technique required! Untamed comes with 3 different nozzles; the argon oil nozzle and 2 styling nozzles – remember to protect your hands when you change nozzles, they get hot!

The first thing to note was that Untamed does not make your hair greasy at all – the argon oil is diffused so finely, and the heat helps it penetrate into the hair shaft.

Next note, my hair did not go crazy frizzy after the rough dry! In fact, I’d imagine, people with ‘normal’ hair could rough dry without any further styling if so wished (I’m not envious at all…..). Last, this hairdryer halved the time it usually takes me to dry my hair and gives me a much better result than with previous dryers – I had no need to smooth any last frizzies with the straighteners like I often usually would. I think this is partly due to the technology, especially the de-frizzing Ionic Technology, and also due to the power of the hairdryer – it has an AC motor dryer which gives a more powerful airflow for faster drying and allows for a lower wattage, so as not to strip the hair of the argon goodness you are putting in!

I am totally sold, anything that is good for my hair and saves me time (a rare combination) will get my frizzy-haired seal of approval!

Untamed Hairdryer including 3 x 5ml Argon Oils £69.99


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