The Philip Kingsley Hair Repair Spa Treatment

On a quiet backstreet in London’s Mayfair sits the trichology clinic of Mr Philip Kingsley, Britain’s most renowned trichologist, who passed away two years ago at the age of 86, after a career spanning over 60 years and a client list that included Audrey Hepburn and Sir Laurence Olivier. The much loved clinic which revolutionised hair care is still to this day treating those with severe hair and scalp problems. I was invited to experience the brand new Hair Repair Spa Treatment, a bespoke hair and scalp ritual designed to treat hair from the inside out.

As soon as I stepped inside the grand old house, once home to the man himself, I realised this was not your average hair dressers. Beautiful high ceilings, gorgeous tiled floor, a striking staircase. Yet it was the complete serenity that stood out the most, no noisy hair dryers, no loud chit-chat. So quiet, so calm. So spa-like. I loved it already.

I was soon lead up the stairway to hair heaven, where I met my lovely trichotherapist Marianne, who sat me down and began by quickly briefing me on the treatment ahead; discussing any hair or scalp issues which would then be incorporated into the treatment. Sat comfortably with a coffee in hand, Marianne began by wetting the hair which she explained helps the hair take the pre-shampooing and conditioner mask, or the ‘scalp facial’-  a thick moisturising mask smothered over the hair to boost moisture and strengthen the cuticle, whilst also exfoliating the scalp. This creates the most incredible cooling effect, which weirdly feels soothing and energizing at the same time. Next, it’s fifteen minutes under the old-school steamer to allow deeper penetration into the cortex of the hair. The hot steam with the cool mask felt like my entire head was being completely rid of any stress and strain. I could have sat there for hours, it felt truly wonderful. To follow, a five minute head massage to relieve tightness and stimulate the scalp. After some serious TLC and by the this point I’d nearly nodded off, my hair was shampooed and conditioned then treated with toners and styling products, all finished off with the most gentle paddle brush blow-dry; no pulling or tugging in sight.

The clinic itself is old fashion, much like its beloved clients, who have been repeat guests year after year, one man having been every single Saturday for 50 years and after visiting myself, I can understand why. It’s traditional, it’s trusted. I was told Philip, even in his later years, would pop down each morning to say hello to his staff and clients. There’s serious care and attention. It’s a clinic after all, but a homely one to say the least. They are therapists, not hairdressers. If your hair needs some love, I highly recommend the one hour Hair Repair Spa Treatment, it’ll be money well spent.

A completely luxurious and utterly relaxing experience from start to finish that left my hair looking and feeling healthy and revitalised.

The Philip Kingsley Hair Repair Spa Treatment costs £80.

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