RevAir; The reverse hair-dryer…….

Eh?! I hear you say! Well basically, brand new to the UK, Revair, is the first and only hair dryer that sucks (rather than blows) your hair dry. Yep. And even more unusual, it actually works.

I was asked to come and try a ‘Rev-out’ and I wasn’t very excited about it. I have ridiculous, troublesome hair that needs product, (good) blow-dries and lots of care and attention! My hair is bleached, curly and frizzy (nice image of me right there) but you generally wouldn’t know as I have mastered the art of smoothing and taming of it. Which, btw, gets on my nerves, big time! I plan way too much around my hair too – always coinciding hair appointments and “wash/blow dry days” around meetings, events and gym. It is SO boring! And don’t get me started on the effect of rain and humidity on my bouffant…

Anyway, with my hair being so mischievous, not every hairdresser can manage a good blow-dry on me (I know within seconds of them starting my hair whether they will cope or not!) so you can imagine how little faith I had in Revair with its cooler settings and no ‘pulling’ brush work, I didn’t think it had a hope in hell of smoothing my hair.

After being washed, combed through and parted into sections, the Revout began. A small section of my hair was sucked into the nozzle and held against my scalp for around 40 seconds; no pain, no pulling and no heat. And then the hair is released….. I can tell you it is nothing short of a miracle; with no product and no pulling, the section of hair was smooth, straight and cool to the touch – incredible!

I was so shocked (still am a bit) but I still didn’t think it would manage the shorter, tighter curls around the hairline – wrong again! I then wanted to see if it could straighten a part of my hair if it had already dried, so we left a section to do its curly, frizzy thang before putting it through the suction and unfortunately my hair was too much for Revair this time – I did witness it work this way on some other ‘testers’ though (those with more obedient hair than mine).

Revair is so easy to use and is ideal for those of us that aren’t so great at blow drying our own hair (and btw, it is impossible for your hair to get trapped or overheated within the nozzle due to clever sensors). It also cuts the blow dry time right down – by over half in most cases.   For me, the biggest attraction is how much kinder it is to your hair we put our hair through so much and then expect it to be the swishy, glossy hair we see on shampoo adverts. I’m interested to see where things go from here because I’ve got a feeling Revair will start a blow dry Revolution!

Available to buy soon at £359 (inc 30 day money back guarantee)

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