I am pretty good with my hair, actually I’m very good with it, considering the fluffy, frizzy, unruliness of it all. I can blow-dry it smooth and straight in record time but what I can’t do with the hair dryer myself, is achieve a bouncy blow-dry (in fact, my hair barely moves by the time I’ve finished with it).

I will forever be sceptical of ‘wonder hair tools’ just because my hair is so ridiculous, but, Revlon, so confident in their new tool, challenged me to the sweatiest, most painful workout session ever at 1Rebel to prove that their One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser could rise to every hair challenge and leave you with smooth swishy locks in no time.

True to their word, I sweated like I have never sweat before (even under my chin???) and my hair was a crazy, frizzy mess, the challenge had begun! I was too scared to wash my hair because I’ve been caught out like that before – trusting in a product that can’t deliver and then have to face the public looking like Side-Show Bob (just to be clear – I did shower obvs) so, I went straight in to the sweaty hair hoping for the best.

It’s quite a large brush but not heavy and it is easy to pick up the short hairs around the face. You use it pretty much how you would use a brush when blow drying, by wrapping the hair around the ceramic brush barrel and pulling the hair taught, the air is distributed quickly and evenly, cutting down heat exposure and therefore reducing damage. Within a few minutes, I’d got the hang of it and in under 10 minutes I had smoothed over my entire head!

The results were shocking – shiny, bouncy and most importantly, non-frizzy, locks looked back at me in the mirror! I had so much movement in my hair and no flatness like I usually have – I was sold! Using the brush at home after washing my hair was just as easy but this time the result was even bouncier hair! It looked lovely but will take a little bit more practice in order to cut the drying time in half, so worth the extra effort though. I’ve even given the brush to my 12-year-old to try (the poor girl has inherited my hair) and even she has mastered it, and she has no patience, so that really is testament to its ease of use!

This is most definitely the sort of tool you will tell your friends about (I didn’t shut up about it) because the results are so impressive and it’s a great price too (in my opinion, based on the Iconic Technology (to help prevent damage) and the quality of the ceramic) in fact, it’s a bit of a hairdressers nightmare – the salon look can finally be achieved by us novices!

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser £59.99, available at Boots and Amazon

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