Lockdown and Lifelong Haircare with Anabel Kingsley

One of the biggest beauty talking points since lockdown began has been how to care for our hair without regular salon appointments. Having visited the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic in Mayfair back in January, I gained invaluable hair health knowledge from Brand President and Consultant Trichologist Anabel Kingsley, which has been particularly helpful in light of the above. At the time, I described my appointment as nothing short of lifechanging, and this statement is still completely true.

Ever insightful, Anabel’s expert knowledge taught me the importance of washing your hair regularly to ensure scalp cleanliness and health. For fine hair (like mine) daily washing is ideal. Or, if you have thick, coarser locks, going no longer than two to three days between washes. During lockdown I have seen a lot of social media posts and press stories covering the so-called merits of abandoning hair washing altogether. But, the perpetual myth that hair can eventually wash itself, not only is totally untrue- it also means while you dodge shampoo, dirt builds up on the scalp, which could even lead to hair loss.

As Anabel describes, your scalp is skin just like your face, and you wouldn’t dream of not washing that for weeks on end. Washing your hair is mostly about caring for your scalp, while suds which run down the locks cover cleansing your strands. Above all else, for healthy hair, as Anabel highlights, the scalp’s cleanliness is imperative. Your hair being the barometer of overall health, scalp concerns or hair loss are often why clients first seek out the clinic’s help.

When I first saw Anabel, I had been having hair texture and density concerns due to a recently diagnosed thyroid condition. After gently examining my scalp and hair, with the utmost care and kindness, Anabel guided me through the Philip Kingsley products which would help my hair recover alongside prescribed thyroid medication. She also sent me for blood tests that same afternoon, to provide us with my full health picture, and we discussed appropriate supplements too.

The Philip Kingsley wonder products I’ve been using for the past four months since this amazing appointment include: the extremely refreshing Tonic #3 (which has revitalised my scalp); Tricho 7 Daily Scalp Drops, that are an unbeatable Volumizing Hair & Scalp Treatment (and a super easy addition to your haircare routine); Moisture Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner; Finishing Touch Hairspray; Elasticizer Deep Conditioning Treatment (as created by Anabel’s father Philip for the iconic Audrey Hepburn); ZNS Intensive Scalp Treatment and a Vented Paddle Brush which is so gentle yet thorough on my hair. I also use drops specially prescribed by Anabel to stimulate hair growth.

A routine overhauled and working better for me than any haircare products I’ve ever tried before, my transformation from on the verge of tears in Anabel’s office to confidently acknowledging serious hair health and growth improvements is huge. I didn’t, for example, realise the importance of using a brush which if tested on the back of your hand, doesn’t scratch or hurt. One which does, can cause unnecessary breakage.

The fact Anabel and her fellow Philip Kingsley Trichologists pay such thorough care and attention to clients, while offering practical advice and innovative products, is a true testament to their expertise and brand ethos.

Shortly after my visit, the Philip Kingsley Bond Builder Split End Remedy (£26) launched. And as well as being an incredible results-proven buy for repairing broken bonds, sealing hair fibres and protecting strands (all whilst lasting for up to 3 washes), this was impeccable timing ahead of salon closures. Bond Builder provides lightweight haircare shielding protection from heat and UV damage, and makes my hair strand ends (having not been cut for three months) look much healthier. Applying to towel-dried hair for best results, with uncertainty about when your next cut may be, if you were to buy one haircare product right now, this would be it.

As Anabel explains, “even if your hair is in good condition, going this long without a trim, you’re bound to have split ends. The ends of processed hair, whether highlighted or colour-treated in any way, at this point will be showing a degree of fraying. Using Bond Builder acts as a glue on split ends, so that you don’t have to get as much cut off when salons do reopen, and it also strengthens hair meaning your locks in general will be much more robust.”

Another key part of my appointment was the luxurious tailored treatment I enjoyed in the clinic’s salon and hair spa, which I can’t wait to experience again. Of course, while in lockdown, as with every other business, the clinic has adapted to current circumstances, appointments conducted remotely and over video calls. The clinic has been as busy as ever, with clients (such as myself) calling in mail order deliveries of their staple Philip Kingsley haircare saviours too.

Anabel tells me, “This has been a period of learning for us, and although we’d talked about video consultations before, we weren’t sure how they would work. Whenever you make a change it is scary and it turns out, remote appointments have been even more effective than we thought they could be. Adapting as we go, new clients are asked to fill in detailed questionnaires prior to their appointment and supply photos. We can then prepare for appointments in advance, and equally, will forewarn anyone if we feel we can’t treat their hair condition remotely or offer a definite diagnosis without seeing them in person.”

Continuing, Anabel details, “What’s been so beneficial has been the ability to see people’s daily routine, and the products they are already using, over video. Gaining that snapshot into everything from supplements clients are taking to family members sitting in on appointments sharing symptom information, has been so useful. Also, we’ve seen clients who live hours away from London, as well as those who would usually visit our New York clinic (where services have been completely closed during this time), and people who may otherwise find it too difficult to attend in person.”

With prices currently starting at £150 for a 45-minute consultation, when the clinic is able to reopen, video consultations will continue to be an option. Once as-normal-as-possible services are resumed, a two-hour face-to-face appointment is priced at £375, including both an hour with a Consultant Trichologist and in the hair spa. An investment well worth making, I can’t emphasise enough, the fantastic results I have seen, and incredible hair knowledge gained.

Now preparing to reopen in line with government advice (and strictly following safety and social distancing guidelines), as soon as the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic opening date has been finalised, more details will be made available.


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