Dermalogica Daily Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioning Rinse

The harsh winter months are a friend to no girl’s hair. If only there was a product to restore our dried out locks to their former glory. Dermalogica has done just that and introduced their Daily Cleansing Shampoo and Daily Conditioning Rinse that seeks to put the life and shine back into hair.

Constantly on the hunt for various hair masks, hair balms, numerous leave in treatments, thinking each one was a new chance to get the hair you’ve always wanted…

Daily Cleansing Shampoo does it in one. Formulated to help strengthen hair and cleanse the scalp, the inclusion of antioxidant-rich coconut, argan and avocado oils moisturises whilst helping to protect from sunlight exposure. The selling point of this shampoo is the fact that its sulphate- free, by excluding those harsh chemicals that regularly dry out and damage hair, the result is a nourishing formula that helps retain moisture.  Hair feels super soft and tangle free (yes my frizz friends, tangle free), not to mention the subtle scents of Grapefruit and geranium which smelt divine.

The Daily Conditioning Rinse seeks to restore hydration and boost radiance; the lightweight formula added silkiness to my hair without adding extra weight. The use of Panthenol (pro-Vitamin B5) helps to conditions fragile cuticles and adds a vibrant shine. My lacklustre curls somehow felt lighter and even healthier, making them far easier to manage.

Sceptical to begin with, but include as part of your daily routine and this duo will provide an invigorating boost to your winter hair care needs.

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