8 Fresh Braided Headband Hairstyle Ideas

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Looking fresh and unique is one of the things you want to achieve this summer, especially given the hot weather. Of course, you want to look your best without spending too much effort and time. But is it possible to keep feeling fresh and at the same look gorgeous time when the heat is unbearable? Lucky for you, YES! Braided headband hairstyles are just what you need to achieve this kind of look in summer (although they can help you look stunning not only in summer but all year round!).

The braided headband is an original, cute and easy-to-style way to be always the center of attention and impress all the people around wherever you are. So check out the top 8 fresh braided headband hairstyle ideas (watch the tutorials below) and pick out the best ones for yourself.

  1. Double Braided Headband

Women with straight hair often try to add some extra volume to their hairstyle. Well, such a cute double braided headband allows you not only showing off the intricacy of the braid, but it also allows accenting the lightness of your hair.

  1. Formal French Braided Headband with High Messy Bun

The mix of a formal updo, messy bun and French braided headband gives a dramatic touch to the look. This hairstyle goes very well for formal events as well as casual ones.

  1. Trio of Side Swept Braids

A headband braid should always be big to look attractive. In some cases, it`d better to focus on more delicate options. For example, pay attention to these tiny side swept braids that created a wonderful headband. Such hairstyle idea works best for women with soft facial features.

  1. Two-Toned Side Braided Headband with Ponytail

Playing with colors and textures are two secret ways to diversify your hairstyle and make it fresher. Don`t be afraid of experiments with your hair and don`t be afraid of mixing hairstyles.

  1. Elegant Braided Headband

Sometimes you want to be just you and avoid any artsy. At times like this, you can let your hair down and make a casual but elegant braided headband like this one.

  1. Faux Waterfall Braid Headband

A waterfall braid headband commonly looks rather complex, but it`s actually very easy to do. So you can create this type of braid by yourself whenever you want.

  1. Fabulous Dutch Braided Headband Hairstyle

If you’re looking for the braid headband short hair ideas, you`ll be happy to know that there is really a great variety of options for short hair. For example, look at this fabulous Dutch side braided headband! It completely changes the look. This headband makes it neater and more feminine.

  1. Tiny Braided Headband

A thin braided headband can help you to remove your bangs from time to time and in such a simple way to vary your image.

See the best tutorials: how to do a headband braid of the different types below.

Double Braided Headband Tutorial

Two-Toned Side Braided Headband Tutorial

Faux Waterfall Braid Headband Tutorial

Fabulous Dutch Braided Headband Hairstyle Tutorial

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