15 Creative Emo Hairstyles

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Anastasiya Lobanovskaya, www.pexels.com

Such a deep and artistic subculture as emo should not be associated just with something gloomy and boring. It is a strong prejudice towards this emotional hardcore. You need just look at emo hairstyles that recently have become extremely popular among girls (by the way, not only among emo girls).

When it comes to emo hairstyles, today they are unique, creative and highly personal. Here are the cutest and most inspiring 15 emo hairstyles that can make you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Rainbow Ombre Curls

Now you can really forget about the dull colors that you commonly connected with the emo trend. Try this playful and absolutely new hairstyle in all the colors of the rainbow. The colorful emo hair cut with pretty curls looks great!

  1. Tangerine Orange Hairstyle with Emo Bangs

Short and shoulder length emo haircuts are perfect ones to experiment with strong colors like this tangerine orange hue. If you have fair skin, go for it without any doubt!

  1. Two-Toned with Braided Buns

This is a cool example of emo style mixing with feminine and flirty. Black and pink emo hair is the best option for test driving your first emo look. Besides, you can make two tiny braided buns to highlight your romantic nature.

  1. Creative Fishtail Braid

For a stunning and unique style, try this fantasy-inspired braid. This hairstyle is great for girls who have long hair and what to keep the punk edge of music movement.

  1. Crazy Ponytails

When you want to feel sexy and at the same time be emo, you can wear two high ponytails. Just make messy part and bangs and don`t forget to curl the ends to add extra volume.

  1. Fishtail in All Rainbow Colors

Wearing your hair in all colors of the rainbow is rather a bold step, but in this case, you know for sure that you`re always the center of attention. However, when you`ve got long hair, it`d better to try, for example, a simple fishtail for your own comfort.

  1. Light Blue Emo Pixie

One of the easiest but awesome hairstyles for emo girls is classic pixie cut. Just pick a light blue hue and make deeper than usual side part.

  1. Platinum Blonde with Pink Bows

If you’re looking for a low-key and lacking in rainbow shades haircut, this platinum blonde emo style with cute pink bows and lovely bangs is right for you.=

  1. Asymmetrical Hairstyle with Highlights

Jet black and asymmetry is a classic for a real emo girl and it`s nice if you decide to choose this color as a basis for your hairstyle. Although you can vary it a little by adding several blue, green, raspberry pink and orange tresses.

  1. Grown out Gray Bob Emo Hairstyle

One of the most widespread elements of emo hairstyles are the side swept bangs that actually sweep across the forehead from a deep side part. The effect of grown out roots makes this gray ombre gorgeous and a bit edgier.

  1. Green Pigtail Braids

Pigtail braids are very comfy for long-haired emo hairstyles and, moreover, they always look also perfect. Green ombre brings a perfect amount of fun and edge to this emo cut.

  1. Contrast Pink with Half Buns

You can easily to make a color contrast with pink hue if your natural hair color is black. This hairdo will look amazing and you can experiment with it a lot. For example, making two half buns will be a good option to spice up your creative look.

  1. Unique Ombre – Half Blue Half Green

Emo styles allow you to do with your hair everything what you want. Don`t let such a good opportunity to go by. Try extraordinary variants like this one. You just need shoulder length layered hair (no matter straight or wavy) and blue and green colors.

  1. Fiery Braids

The bold colored ombre can always help you draw attention to yourself. The flaming red hue mixing with natural hair makes a wonderful look. By the way, it keeps its playfulness even if you wear two cute ponytails or braids.

  1. Masterpiece under Bright Shades

Want to spice up your emo hairstyle? Well, try this style element: a hideable flash of quirk like a cat image that can be either show off if you wear a ponytail or completely hidden when you wear your hair down.

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