Bee Venom beauty products may sound like a gimmick but with the proven anti-ageing and anti-bacterial properties of the venom (or Apitoxin/Propolis to use its scientific terms), bee products look like they’re here to stay… environment permitting.

The environment issue is one that needs to be addressed when talking about such products because yes, it is actual bee venom and no, it cannot currently be synthetically created in a lab. However, contrary to popular belief, collecting the venom DOES NOT kill the bees. Bees only die when their sting detaches after stinging, so, beekeepers have created a way to collect the venom using a thin fabric that does not dislodge the stinger, meaning the bees easily fly away after stinging. The bee venom beauty products do not contribute to the reported colony collapses (parasites, disease and environmental stressors are to blame for that) and actually, as well as no known negative impact on the health of the bees, these bees have also shown to produce more honey over time too.

It’s a delicate issue and ultimately will come down to personal choice but it’s good to know the facts! For me personally, I’m always on the hunt for a good product and with the stimulating, collagen producing and plumping effects of bee venom, I was more than happy to try some out! Here are my favourites…

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