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Granola Oat Flapjacks

Prep: 10 minutes Cook: 20 25 minutes Makes: 12 What You’ll Need: 150g Yeo Valley Organic Butter plus...

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Fruity Breakfast Froyo

An extra special plain yogurt, churned as it freezes to produce a gorgeous froyo (frozen yogurt), served...

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What You’ll Need: 125g natural almond milk or natural cashew milk yoghurt 3 tbsp coconut cream 2 ½ tbsp agave syrup One small, ripe...

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Margarita Lollies

Salting the cucumber draws out some of the liquid making it crunchy, and although you rinse the salt away it leaves a slight saltiness,...

Baby Bellini 

Serves: 2 What You’ll Need: 2 peaches 1 tsp Honey drop Vanilla Sparkling water Ice What To...

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