When the Ex belt arrived through the post, I felt a bit like “He Man”.  Packing a powerful punch with its attitude, this superhero belt has many uses.  Consisting of a black fibre waist belt and two rubber bands, it appeared to be quite an easy bit of kit to assemble and the stretchy belt was pretty comfortable- although I was a little self conscious (as it’s not terribly fashionable). But saying that, neither is my gym kit!

Determined to continue exercising at home, I was opening up all options, and was trying to switch up my “new normal” routine, by adding some spice, and the Ex belt was the extra pizzazz that I needed. 

I’m normally a pilates fan, and did a bit of googling to find some band lessons, and bingo, the Ex belt was a perfect resistance band, so not only is it good for stretching, it’s great for resistance training and core work.

Further googling enlightened me to more stretchy-exercise joys! The Ex-belt in particular can particularly jazz up your jogging and give your arms a good workout too. So as well as stretching and strength training, the versatile straps can be added into pretty much every machine based routine that you follow at the gym.

One of the great things about the Ex belt is you can wear it all day long without and dip into an arm lift or squat whenever the urge takes you- it’s so easy to fit into your regular routine. I found myself putting it on in the morning and adding a few arm curls every half hour or so. I do squats while I’m brushing my teeth, and fifty sit ups after lunch. I haven’t got a six pack yet, but I can definitely feel the burn when I’m using it- 30 % more by all accounts… 

And even though I’m not travelling at the moment, the compact size means I‘ll be able to stash it in my case for my work trips, and use it in my hotel room- even if I just enjoy a nightly power stretch.

It is such a simple yet effective concept. The bands also have a much stronger resistance than I expected, and there is an awful lot you can do with it, and the simplicity of a belt makes your yoga moves, jogging or even boxing so much more varied. The two lightweight bands can be switched up to add all kinds of resistance, so it’s like having a whole playground at your disposal.

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