Flawless Brows

Although lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease and things are starting to return to normal (with the re-opening of High Street retailers being something that’s likely to light the fires of many!) there are certain things that are still off limits – I mean, seriously, have you ever wanted to throw yourself at the feet of your hairdresser or beautician quite so desperately?!

We have a little way to go before we can succumb to the soothing (and esteem boosting!) ministrations of our aesthetic magicians and in the meantime, we’re being advise to shun the temptation of the box-dye, make the most of at-home workouts and keep drinking all  the water (comforting to know that some wisdoms are Corona-proof, right?). Even so, some of the things we took for granted, pre-lockdown, are now resolutely off the table – fillers and Botox being prime examples – PLEASE, don’t try this at home! Other things, though, can just about be approximated in the comfort of your own bathroom – with the right tools, of course.

Make no mistake, a strong brow is a good look, but if your brows are threatening to take over your face, like a couple of hairy carnivorous caterpillars, you may want to take matters in hand. Having said that, you don’t need the tweezers in your hand: that way lies overplucked, misshapen brows! Finishing Touch Flawless Brows neatens up those unruly eyebrows swiftly, painlessly and hygienically, with an 18-karat gold plated head that’s hypo-allergenic and gentle enough to use every day. It even has an in-built LED light, for maximum precision – and, at about the size of a mascara, it’s easily stashed in your makeup bag for touch-ups at any time. It even works on your ‘tache – and is far less eye-watering than threading. At this rate, there may be some things we never do again after lockdown.

Finishing Touch Flawless Brows, £20.00

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