Why you should explore the English Riviera

Photo Credit: Anthony via www.pexels.com

If you’re planning a staycation in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown, then there are few parts of the country which hold greater appeal than the English Riviera. This corner of South Devon offers some of the most attractive coastline in the country, boasting a range of gorgeous remote villages, coves, caverns and cliffs, all basked in sunshine throughout the summer (or, throughout most of the summer). Given that your opportunities to visit the Spanish Riviera are going to be limited until the travel restrictions begin to lift, it’s as good a time as any to visit this part of the country. Or, if you’d like to visit the south coast more frequently, you might look at investing in a holiday home

But exactly what’s on offer in the English Riviera? Let’s consider some of the more attractive landmarks.

Maidencombe Beach

This beach is flanked by long sandstone cliffs, which provide an excellent shield against the wind. As such, it enjoys calm waters. At low tide, there are myriad rock pools to explore, each filled with crabs. Bring along a net and catch some with the kids!

Breakwater Beach

Breakwater is a few minute’s walk from the centre of Brixham. It’s clear water makes it a great choice for scuba divers looking to observe what the bottom of the English Channel has to offer. You might enjoy a spot of lunch at Breakwater Bistro, in the middle of the whole thing, which offers fantastic views across the beach.

Broadsands Beach

The gentle slope of this beach makes it popular among families, though it’s not quite as popular as either Paignton or Brixham. As such, it’s great if you’re looking to avoid crowds (as just about everyone should be after the lockdown). There’s a designated area for windsurfing, but the beach as a whole tends to be more on the gentle side.

Goodrington Sands

Here we have what is one of Devon’s most popular beaches, and for good reason. There’s a water park nearby if you’re seeking thrills, as well as a stretch of gorgeous parkland nearby where you’ll be able to observe swans, geese and other birds in their natural habitat.

Paignton Sands

This beach offers an impressive range of tourist-friendly distractions, including crazy golf and donkey rides. There’s a pier abutting from the middle of the beach, as well as kiosks and shelters dating from the Victorian era.

Torre Abbey Sands

Finally, we arrive at Torquay’s main beach, which offers a long strip of sand, and a combination of sleek contemporary dining at the one end and classic Victorian style at the other. It’s ideal for families, and for thrill seekers looking to indulge in a spot of windsurfing.

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