Where Are the Best Places in Europe to Immigrate to?

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COVID-19 has kept everyone grounded in their hometowns, leaving many people looking for a new life once the pandemic has ended. But where to go? Find out here… 

Fortunately for us lucky earthlings, there are many great places to immigrate to, and Europe contains a lot of them. All you need to do is pick a place, get some advice from an immigration solicitor on the legal paperwork required, grab your stuff and go.

In this post, we’re going to help you with that first crucial step by listing some of the best places in Europe immigrate to.

Europe’s Top Places to Immigrate to in 2021

The best way to pick somewhere to immigrate to is to decide on the kind of culture you’re looking to be a part of, then narrow down the exact location. With that in mind, here are five European countries you should consider immigrating to and their greatest areas.

1. France

France is a large and diverse country. It has vibrant cities, small medieval towns and vast rural landscapes that take your breath away. You’ll doubtless find great food and wine in most places, as well as a deep well of culture and sophistication.

Paris has all of these elements in spades, as well as a bustling nightlife that rivals any city across Europe and the rest of the world. With over 4,316 bars to choose from, this city could be the perfect place to immigrate to after a year stuck indoors.

Brittany is a more affordable area than Paris. With scenic views of rolling hills, a bold coastline, historic towns and an endless amount of countryside to explore, there’s plenty to offer.

Montpellier is a great place to live if you’re immigrating with a family due to its bilingual schools, playgrounds, museums, art exhibitions, beaches and botanical gardens. It’s also one of the safest areas in France, with an efficient tram system that will always be there to take you home after a day out with the family.

2. Spain

Spain has always been a popular destination to immigrate to due to its expansive history, mix of cultures, and varied landscape. The weather in Spain can vary depending on where you live but, in most places, you can expect Mediterranean heat with cool sea breezes.

Madrid is a great place to immigrate to for culture, business and nightlife. Despite an excellent quality of life and all the attractions you expect from a European capital city, it’s not as expensive to live there as you might imagine.

Alicante offers one of the most affordably beautiful places to live in Europe. The city has rental prices 105 percent cheaper than Barcelona, yet is still beset with stunning boulevards, shopping streets, and vast sandy white beaches.

Mijas Pueblo in the Malaga province of Spain is a little-known gem for people looking to immigrate with a family. This village has access to extensive coastline, the beaches of the Costa del Sol, and Montes de Malaga Natural Park. On top of that, it has great educational facilities for children both at private and state-run schools.

3. Italy

Italy is one of those places that everyone should consider immigrating to. It has dramatic scenery, luxurious lakes, majestic mountains, a glittering coastline and a welcoming culture filled with eating, talking, drinking and dancing.

Rome is by far the best city to immigrate to in Italy if you’re looking to stay busy and have a good time. The food, the coffee shops, the history punctuating every nook and cranny, and the weather, are all top class.

Umbria is the top choice for those of you who aren’t fans of tourists and want to live a Tuscan lifestyle. Similar to Tuscany, Umbria is picturesque, has fantastic wine, and its history is just as robust as its neighbour.

Abruzzo is one of the most untouched and affordable places to live in Italy. It also has lots of activities like hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding and skiing, as well as clean air, wild animals and some of the best food, wine and olive oil all local to the region.

4. Netherlands

Not everyone who immigrates to another country is looking for great weather, and if you’re one of those people the Netherlands is waiting for you. The country has a great culture of liberal minded, unmaterialistic people who accept other cultures as part of their own.

Rotterdam is a multicultural hub with a laidback vibe. It has ecological green spaces, museums and galleries, and is surrounded by the biggest port in Europe. If you’re an artist of any sort, or are interested in the arts, move here.

Utrecht is a medieval city with an historic city centre and top-of-the-rung universities. On top of this it has abundant employment opportunities, great food, and a bustling nightlife, which makes it very difficult to get bored living there.

Amsterdam has to make an appearance on this list. Not many places in the world have a quality of life as high as Amsterdam, and it also has one of the lowest costs of living of capital cities in Europe.

5. Sweden

In a recent poll, Sweden was voted the best country for immigrants to raise their children in due to its focus on nature, health and clean air. Littered with beautiful lakes, remote islands and lush green forests Sweden really does have it all.

Stockholm isn’t just a syndrome, it’s a capital city with a rich cultural pedigree and some of the best universities, museums and job markets in all of Europe. It’s also spread across 14 islands which makes it an incredible place to live if you like living near water.

Malmø is the young, hip version of Stockholm with its diverse community of students, tech companies and startups. This young culture also comes with many outdoor events and festivals.

Umeå is one to consider if you don’t mind the cold. It’s the largest community in Northern Sweden, acts as its regional centre, and is a great place to get involved in winter sports, or any sports for that matter.

Considering Moving to Europe?

In this post, we’ve shared our top countries to immigrate to in Europe and the best areas those countries have to offer.

We’ve only listed five countries here which leaves you another 39 to look into if you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet. Once you’ve found the perfect place, all you need to do is live out the rest of your life in your new European haven.

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