When is the best time of year to visit London?

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London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, attracting millions of domestic and international visitors every year. These tourists flock to the UK’s capital to experience its wide array of attractions including Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and the London Eye. But London also offers much more, from a bustling nightlife to an exquisite culinary scene – all thanks to its rich cultural and social diversity. The capital can provide many different experiences depending on the time of year you visit, so you should factor this into your planning. Let’s explore some of the most popular periods to visit London.


Visiting London in winter can be a magical experience, particularly if you’re lucky enough to see snow. The winter months, lasting from December until February, are an opportunity to enjoy the capital in all its festive glory. The streets are covered in Christmas lights and decorations, and there are many activities suitable for all ages. You can explore the many Christmas markets open in December, have a go at ice-skating or delve into the January sales across the city. Don’t forget New Year’s Eve, where thousands gather on the banks of the River Thames to celebrate. Accommodation in central locations like Tower Bridge will be in high demand during this period, so wait until January or February if you want a cheaper visit.


In stark contrast to winter, the summer months bring warmth and sunshine to the capital. This breathes a new lease of life into the city’s public parks and leisure scene. Beer gardens and skyline bars are plentiful if you are looking for a few drinks. You can experience the best views of the city from landmarks like the London Eye or The Shard while the weather is more favourable. The summer also brings many events and festivals, for example, Wimbledon is one of the world’s most famous tennis tournaments and attracts 500,00 attendants every year. Summer is London’s peak period for tourism, so you can expect to be paying a premium when it comes to accommodation and transport.

Spring and Autumn

London’s ‘off-season’ comes in the Spring and Autumn – but it’s still a very busy place. If you’d rather see the sights with fewer tourists around, then these will be the best periods to come and explore the city. While you might not have the full winter or summer experience, you can still enjoy London’s famous attractions and landmarks. Accommodation will be better value than during peak season and you may be able to get a more central location.

So, if you’re thinking of exploring London in the future then consider which time of year you would prefer to see the city in action. However, each season brings its own charm to the capital, so you should have a fantastic trip no matter when you come.

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