Top 8 Skincare Tips for Your Beach Vacation

p-stylesnest_pic1Are you dreaming of a sun-soaked beach? Planning a mid-winter escape to a sunny spot? The southern hemisphere has never been closer, or cheaper to get to. So if you’re about to hop on a plane, let’s make sure your skin won’t suffer the consequences.

To ensure the health of your skin, here are the top 8 skincare tips. You can also check a more extensive review of skincare tips for Premier Dead Sea products.

  1. Drink plenty of water

The human skin requires water so it can maintain its protective barrier; the barrier not only protects your skin, but also gives it its natural glow. Without enough water your skin will dry up and may even crack; an uncomfortable feeling no doubt. It’s recommended to drink at least two and a half liters of water a day. Although excessive intake of water is not harmful to your skin, you shouldn’t over do or try to overcompensate by drinking even larger amounts of water.

  1. Get enough sleep

Many people will do away with alcohol and sugary, fatty foods to have a healthy lifestyle. One thing that people don’t take into consideration is getting enough sleep. Nowadays people tend to overwork and neglect their body most basic requirement – rest. When you get enough sleep (7 to 9 hours for most adults), your skin health will greatly improve. Establish a regular sleeping pattern, your skin will thank you for it.

  1. Summer is the best time for tanning the skin

Summer is the best time to ensure that your skin gets enough sunshine, but it’s important to be aware and careful of sunburns. Avoid long exposure to the sun, especially in the late morning and mid-afternoon hours. That’s when the sunrays are the strongest. Also make sure to protect yourself with a wide hat, UV protection sun lotion and staying in the shade.

  1. Take daily showers

Whichever your skin type may be, washing it everyday will be helpful to your skin during summer. Using the appropriate Premier Dead Sea products to cleanse your pores and remove the buildup of lotions and dirt will be very helpful to your skin’s health. This way your skin remains hydrated and looking healthy, as you can watch on this Premier Dead Sea Niki Murphy’s review video.

  1. Use the right skincare cosmetic products

Most people have a sensitive skin that can be harmed by mediocre skincare products. Understanding your skin type and the products that are suitable for your skin is key to a healthy skin. Premier Dead Sea offers a variety of products that suit most skin types.

  1. Protect your skin moles and skin tags

When moles are exposed to the sun, your skin is in danger. Moles can become cancerous. Exposure to the sun increases this possibility. As a general rule, it’s recommended to get moles removed. If you notice a mole or skin tag changes, visit a doctor for checkup.

  1. Remove makeup before sleeping

One mistake some women do is sleeping with their makeup on. This is unhealthy for your skin as makeup clogs the skin pores and hurts the skin’s  ‘breathing’.  This can result in conditions such as: uneven skin tone, pimples, acne, dark patches, among others. It is therefore vital to remember to remove your makeup before going to bed, using oils instead of makeup removers.

  1. Avoid stress and exercise regularly

Exercising is not only beneficial to your body, it also leaves your skin healthy and glowing. When you exercise and sweat, it allows your body to remove toxins, dirt and dust, giving your skin a radiant tone. Workout also improves your blood circulation, accelerates your body’s natural cleaning process and helps you relieve stress, which is a big enemy of a beautiful skin. Stress is the number one cause of aging spots and wrinkles.


The tips discussed above will help you maintain a healthy skin during your summer vacation abroad, without having to use chemical products. Natural skincare products are safer and healthier for your skin. Remember, moderation is important in order to avoid negative effects.

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