The ultimate cheat sheet for choosing a hotel in London

If you are excited by the prospect of booking a London holiday, you could nonetheless feel daunted about selecting from the sheer choice of hotels in the UK capital. The number of hotel rooms there has swelled to more than 123,000, says HuffPost; this would excuse much indecision on your part!

Comfort could be found in the following “cheat sheet”, which will outline many essentials to expect with a London hotel of your sufficiently careful choosing.

Don’t feel overly tied to a specific location

One starting point for choosing a London hotel could be narrowing down the specific part of London in which to stay. However, what could continue to stoke much of your indecisiveness is the huge number of London areas to choose from. Do you need to be too fussy about location anyway?

In truth, probably not. After all, London’s highly extensive public transport system – including the underground rail network, the Tube – negates much need to stay central out of mobility concerns.

However, you could still benefit from considering the location factor

Of course, despite what we have said above on the subject of location, you could help yourself to shed much indecision if you limit your focus to just one particular segment of London.

London’s boroughs and neighbourhoods are highly varied in character – and unsurprisingly so, given the city’s huge size. Therefore, it can be largely due to personal taste which area you should select – but choose one where you can conveniently access the Tube, says The Globetrotting Teacher.

Book your stay for a relatively quiet period

There’s a very good reason why we use the word “relatively” there; you might be tempted to say that there is no such thing as a quiet season for London. Still, try to spare yourself at least some of the crowds by thoroughly researching times during which the capital’s usual bustle could be sparser.

Examples of such times include January and February, plus times outside the school breaks. Squeezing your London getaway into one of these gaps could land you cheaper accommodation.

Give yourself enough space to unpack  

It could obviously feel frustrating if you walk into your hotel room for the first time only to find that… well, it feels rather cramped. However, if the holidaying party is quite small, this might not quite happen; Londontopia says that “you really will only be sleeping and showering in the room.”

Fortunately, you might have various options even within one hotel. The Dorsett Hotel, Shepherds Bush outpost, for example, has room sizes ranging from 20 to over 38 square metres.

Seek a hotel close to various enticing attractions

Spending excessive time in your hotel room could prove a tragically wasted opportunity. You would give yourself an especially good incentive to take breaks away from the hotel if you choose one with exciting attractions already on the doorstep.

Returning to the example of that Shepherds Bush accommodation, it’s close to Westfield Shopping Centre, Shepherds Bush Common and other enticing places that beckon you to visit.

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