The Must Have Car Features for a Young Professional

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Considering the uncertainty that has been created by Brexit, the new car sales market hasn’t performed as badly as some commentators anticipated. Sure, sales in the UK plunged markedly in April, but this was the result of an expected 34.4% decline in the demand for plug-in hybrids (after the government abolished its relevant car grant).

The new car market in the UK is also being fuelled by young professionals, who are increasingly inclined to find vehicles that are efficient, cost-effective to run and ultimately pleasing on the eye.

In this post, we’ll discuss the must-have vehicle features for young professionals, whilst asking why they’re so important.

  1. Sleek Colour and Bodywork

Whilst it may sound superficial, young professionals often work in careers where image and presentation are everything.

This means that they need vehicles that boast and attractive colour and sleek bodywork, which is why new cars are so popular amongst young professionals.

This undoubtedly requires buyers to be selective when choosing their model, whilst they should also prioritise dealers that provide additional value for money.

Companies such as Robins and Day offer a relevant case in point, as they’re established as successful Vauxhall dealers that provide ongoing servicing, MOTs and repairs over time. This will help you to keep your new car in peak condition and minimise the impact of wear and tear.

  1. Space and Functionality 

Whilst style may be important for young professionals, it’s also important that you invest in vehicles that are functional and entirely fit for purpose.

Without this, you’ll be left with a sleek but entirely unsuitable vehicle that represents a huge waste of money, particularly as few assets depreciate at the same rate as brand new cars.

So, you should ensure that your new car as the requisite number of seats as the bare minimum, whilst there should also be enough space to carry all of the folders, laptops and briefcases that are central to your everyday work.

You should also ensure that your new car has the technology to accept calls and texts in real-time, along with a sat nav to direct you to business meetings.

  1. Is the Car Suitable for City Driving?

As a young professional, you need to invest in a vehicle that is tailormade for city driving. This is particularly true if you reside in busy metropolises such as London, where there are high levels of traffic and congestion.

An automatic car is arguably more suited to navigating the city, not least because this negates the need for manual transmissions and the regular gear shifts that are required on busy UK streets.

At the same time, you may want to invest in fuel-efficient and hybrid models when navigating the city. The reason of this is simple; as this will also help you to save money and minimise the amount of fuel lost whilst your car is idling.

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