Simple video ideas to kick-start your visual impact this year

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If you have a business to promote, you might remain none the wiser as to how you can do so. Indeed, some tried-and-tested marketing methods might have somehow eluded your notice.

One possible example could be video. With an impressive monthly tally of 1.5 billion logged-in users, YouTube is the internet’s second most popular search engine, while video is expected to account for 82% of consumer traffic online by 2021, Forbes reports. Here’s how to help unlock video’s potential.

Address problems your target audience likely faces

Maybe particular questions pop up noticeably often in customers’ exchanges with you, or you know other questions these people could be too shy about asking you. These are questions worth answering in video content, but what exactly those questions are could depend on your industry.

For example, someone buying an iPhone screen protector might be unsure how to apply it. Meanwhile, a DIY enthusiast purchasing new furniture may seek clarity on how to assemble it.

Show what differentiates products in your stock

It’s probably apt that we’ve just mentioned the iPhone, as it’s available in so many different models now that you could feel hard-pressed to tell them apart sometimes. “Don’t they all just do the same thing?”, you might be tempted to wail. Well, yes and no. It’s complicated…

Fortunately, showing your products on video, allowing you to point out the differences visually, is a great way for you to help clear any lingering confusion your customers might feel on this point.

Demonstrate your products

There was once a time when you might have walked into a bricks-and-mortar shop to see, say, how a toy robot can be remotely controlled or an electric toothbrush can be set up. However, such product demonstrations can now simply be shown on video instead.

While showing the ins and outs of your product in this way, be careful to point out useful but easy-to-overlook features, such as hidden pockets on a coat or power-saving functionality on a phone.

On social media, post videos that can be engaging without sound

Video might attract over 8 billion views daily on Facebook, but 85% of those video views are spared any sound, according to “multiple publishers” cited by Digiday. As Forbes reckons the numbers to be likely similar on the Facebook-owned Instagram, make sure your own videos don’t rely on sound.

If you’re struggling with that, you could add captions so that audiences can still follow the video content without strictly requiring it to be audible.

Follow and hire Instagram influencers

This advice comes from Forbes in an article about how brands can attract more Instagram followers. Keeping track of what well-known influencers are up to on the image-sharing platform can help you to pick up on social media trends as they emerge.

Tasking an influencer with promoting your brand on your behalf could be effective, too, recent research indicates. An Instagram influencer agency can help you to find just the right influencer, who might not necessarily be the one with the most followers.

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