Prepare Yourself for your Walking Holiday

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With the beginning of the year always being particularly cold, we expect you’ve probably been sat browsing the internet for a fabulously warm holiday to look forward to.

While it’s always great to escape the UK and catch a few rays next to the pool or on the beach, have you ever considered other holiday possibilities? While most of you are probably nodding and thinking of a city break – how about staying closer to home and trying a walking holiday?

Although you may not have thought of it, it would appear that more than a quarter of British holidaymakers are making their way to the hills for a walking holiday. While you can easily find a great self-guided walking holiday from the likes of Headwater, we’ve highlighted a few things you should take with you for absolute safety and comfort.

Your Feet

The main thing you need to take care of is your feet. After all, you’ll be using them more than you usually would on holiday. Make sure you find the perfect pair of comfy walking boots to support you and keep you warm along the way. Also, ensure you pack enough comfy socks for the walk.

Stay Dry

Although the British weather can be wondrous in the summer, it can still be unpredictable. That’s why you shouldn’t forget your waterproofs when on a walking holiday. From a rain mac to rain trousers and waterproof shorts – make sure you pack a pair or two of each.

Spare T-Shirts

Walking can be a tough exercise, so it’s important you pack a lot of t-shirts because the chances are you won’t be wearing one more than once. Also, make sure you pack enough walking t-shirts to allow for perfect mobility while striding up those hills.

Keep Warm

It can get cold as the nights roll in, and while you’re up a hill it’ll be even colder. Make sure you take hats, scarves, gloves and warm and comfy underlayers too. You may not need all of them, but you don’t want to be caught without them.


Walking throughout the day can be tiring, especially if you’re tackling tough terrains you wouldn’t normally. This is why you should ensure you invest in some walking poles. These will give you that extra support as you make your way up and down the hills that surround you.

Look After Yourself

Although this may sound a little strange, you have to ensure you’re prepared for those long walks in the wild. Pack enough snacks to keep you going, as you probably won’t find a corner shop lurking behind the trees. Water is also an essential, and taking a few bottles for each person should be e enough to keep you going. But, most importantly, carry a first aid kit too, because you never know what could happen, and chances are, you won’t have phone signal at all times.

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