Planning Tips for DIY Building Your Camper Van

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Ditching the 9-5 life and opting for a life on the road is no small decision, but it could change your world for the better and DIY building your van to make it more of a home than simply a vehicle is a long, gruelling process but also exciting and creative. Before you get started with anything else, you must start looking for cheap van insurance that’s also reliable, since your van will be such a crucial factor in your life going forward. Here are some tips for when you’re DIY building your van.

Plan Ahead

It’s important to think ahead about your van life travel plans. Consider questions like how long do you plan on living in your van? Will you be alone or will you have a partner, family or pet along with you? How much time will you actually be spending in the van? How much space do you realistically need? How much can you budget for the building factor of this lifestyle change? The answers to all these questions play a crucial role in planning and starting your build because they will help you to plan the best route forward.

Buy the Right Van

Once you’ve done your planning and considered all the possibilities, it will be a whole lot easier to make the right decision about what type of van to purchase. Take a look at a few different options and see how you’d be able to fit in all the living elements you’d want to incorporate into your build. Choosing the right vehicle for your space needs and budget is the first step in bringing your new home and plans to life.

Consider Storage

A small space doesn’t have to mean clutter and chaos! Van life is a pretty minimalist lifestyle, but there’s no way around the fact that you’re going to need stuff and where there’s stuff, there needs to be someplace to put it. Living in a van is kind of like living in a tiny home – you have to use every bit of your space to your advantage. Think about cooking utensils, travel toiletries, clothing and more. You’ll want to incorporate storage options in your vertical space (think shelving and cup hooks for hanging items) and try to build in some pull-out storage options where you can.

Have Fun

Diving into a new life like this is something that should make you happy – and your van will form a big part of that. While practicality is probably the most important factor, you also want to try and make the space something you enjoy. There are a tonne of resources available online to give you some ideas and inspire you in the creative process. Think about incorporating decorative pieces and colours you love, as well as items to make the space comfortable and inviting for you. Don’t forget that small space can still serve you in many ways, and falling in love with your van is the first step to falling in love with the van life.

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