Remember that scene in Pretty Woman, when Julia Roberts is walking down Rodeo Drive, laden with shopping bags? She made it look effortless and enjoyable, but the truth is that lugging purchases from shop to home – especially on crowded UK High Streets and public transport! – is far less appealing. You get hot. You get flustered. People bang in to you and then look at you like it was your fault. Your arms ache. And that’s even before you’ve managed to even contemplate looking for or trying on the all-important Christmas dress. 

Scrap all of the hassle this year and add some zhoosh to your shopping experience by availing yourself of the services of iChauffeur, who will whisk you to Bicester Village in four-wheeled luxury. Not only will you be able to take advantage of the retail village’s fantastic discounted prices on all of your gifting and festive wardrobe needs, but you’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can tootle over to your car and drop your purchases in the boot – leaving your arms free to try on that  fabulous coat …

With its global network of luxury vehicles and expert drivers, each boasting local knowledge, there’s plenty of scope for going ‘off piste’ too – ask your driver to make a pit stop at a quaint country pub for a fortifying drink in festively cheery surroundings, for instance, and they’ll have the best recommendations.

It’s not just retail therapy that’s made easier and more accessible with iChauffeur – the company also offer bespoke tours throughout the UK. If the recent Downton Abbey film has put a visit to its star location, Highclere Castle, up there on your bucket list, then iChauffeur can whisk you there for a two-hour long tour or, for a more exclusive experience, a private reception at the castle may be arranged, complete with canapés and drinks for up to 15 people and a private tour by a senior member of the Royal Household. Meanwhile, literary fans can enjoy a Jane Austen tour, or an immersive tour of Scotland, taking in its spectacular landscape by car and by the Jacobite Steam Train, perhaps better known as The Hogwarts Express, which provides views of some of Scotland’s most impressive natural landmarks along its 42-mile journey.

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