How to Start the Perfect Holiday

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The perfect holiday is different things to different people. One person may want to spend two weeks lying on the white sands of the Caribbean beaches, another may want to head to the Icelandic glaciers, while a third may want to head deep into the rainforests of Asia. There is something that all three of these people have in common; they will most likely have to pass through an airport to head off on their adventure. Here are some top tips you can enjoy to ensure that your dream holiday is perfect from the moment you step out of your front door.

Dress the Part

An airport may have a runway but it is not for fashion. You should always dress sensibly when heading to the airport. Loose, breathable layers need to be your friend here. You can easily add a cardigan or a jumper over a t-shirt or under a blazer while still looking chic. Keep the jewellery and other accessories minimal so you can quickly adjust yourself after the scanners without too much hassle.

Wear shoes which are comfortable and easy to remove. You don’t want to be that person holding up the security line as you struggle with the straps on your shoes. Likewise, you want to be able to move quickly in the event of a sudden gate change and you need to speed-walk the entire length of the terminal. It might seem insignificant, but the right shoe will make all the difference to your airport experience.

Grab the Right Luggage

Choosing hand luggage nowadays is about convenience just as much as it is about finding a piece which fits inside the size restrictions. Did you know that you can now get hand luggage which can charge your phone? If you are committed to going paperless – e-ticket and all – the last thing you want is for your phone to run out of juice. This is a handy solution to get around this problem which doesn’t require you to fight over the lone socket in the departure lounge!

A hard-shelled wheeled suitcase is best for anyone setting off on a glamourous weekend away. The rigid shell means you have to adhere to those pesky size allowances while a light weight overall means that you won’t have to worry about going over any potential weight restrictions. Four-wheeled suitcases have become all the rage in the last few years. They will allow you to easily glide about the airport concourse, suitcase in one hand and a coffee in the other, without being weighed down like you would with a suitcase.

Take Care of the Parking

Some people may prefer to catch a bus or a train to the airport but it is perfectly possible to take your own car; even at a busy place like Heathrow. Parking at Heathrow Airport is quick and easy thanks to a number of pre-booking options. Just select whether you want to do park and ride or even the meet and greet option.

With the meet and greet, you can drive all the way to the terminal and hand over your keys to a qualified driver before heading to the bag-drop. While you are away on your travels, the car will be kept nice and safe in a secure compound. When you come back, it will be brought around for you so you can get home as quickly as possible! Check out for more information.

First Class All the Way

If you can afford it, splurge on a first-class ticket. This is an altogether more luxury experience and will save you quite a bit of stress on your journey. Airlines often offer a complimentary lounge where their first and business class customers can relax before their flight. Here, you can grab a bite to eat and sometimes even a massage before boarding the aircraft.

It is the ideal way to kick off your holiday; no fuss and stress, just plain-sailing all the way. What’s more, first-class plane seats are becoming ever more opulent. Why pack yourself into economy when you can grab your own private suite with specially catered food and all the luxuries you can dream of? Even if you haven’t grabbed a first-class seat, there is absolutely no harm in asking if there are any upgrades available. Be nice, be polite, and don’t pitch a fit if the answer is no.

Whether it is Heathrow airport parking or skipping the long check-in queues in favour of some snacks in the first-class lounge, there are many ways you can start your dream holiday as soon as you arrive at the airport. Why should you have to wait until the plane touches down? Relax and get ready to enjoy your vacation in the knowledge that everything has been taken care of.

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