How to Plan a Memorable Family Holiday in London on a Limited Budget

Photo Credit:, Yulianto Poitier

Whenever it comes time to plan a family holiday, mum and dad begin stressing because their budget is already stretched as thin as it can get. Unfortunately, this year you promised the kids that you’d spend a week in London with them but your financial situation isn’t as solid as you had expected. You are on an extremely tight budget, making it unthinkable that you can afford a week in the capital. After all, rates are much higher in London than they are in most English cities. Don’t panic just yet! There are some things you can do to make that London dream a reality.

Plan Early (or Late!) for the Best Rates

If you want an affordable holiday in London, you should have begun planning as far back as last year. It’s a known fact that booking early gets you the best discounts because rooms and venues are not booked to capacity yet. If you didn’t start planning months ago, it might behove you to wait even longer to book a hotel or holiday flat for the week. Sometimes cancellations will get you an even better price because otherwise the venue or hotel will be taking a total loss. From their perspective, it’s better to make a little profit than a loss!

Scout Online Discounts, Coupons and Voucher Codes

If you conduct an internet search, you can always find decent discounts, coupons and/or voucher codes. For London attractions, have you checked out Groupon? Sometimes you can find deals where an entire family can attend an event or attraction for slightly more than you’d pay full price for one adult on the day you plan to attend. Unfortunately, the reason more people don’t utilise these discounts is because they are usually offered on a limited time basis. Perhaps you could get a cash advance or a payday loan quickly on This site enables you to browse loans from multiple lenders so that you can get the best rates and terms that won’t break the bank. Don’t pass up on great deals because you don’t have cash on hand. The savings you realise on those discounts will likely far outweigh the fees associated with the loan!

Attend as Many Free Events as Possible

Of course, this goes without saying. Most parents know that the only way to bring the entire clan to attractions in London is to take advantage of as many free venues or events as possible. Kids of all ages (mum and dad too!) love animals and did you know that London has at least 12 farms where kids can get up close and personal with farm animals and entrance is free! Just make sure to check opening times to ensure you will be in the city when the farms are open for visitors.

The key to an affordable family holiday in London is to plan either early or at the last minute, use discounts and voucher codes, and to do as many free things as possible. Don’t forget, city transport is going to be much less expensive than driving the family car and parking it so get all your schedules before arriving in London. Yes, you can afford a holiday in London, it just takes some creative planning and a little effort.

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