How to Keep Yourself Safe While Travelling

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Being able to move from one country to the next in a matter of hours is one of the best things about modern life. Visiting new countries broadens our view of the world and enriches us as human beings. However, there are specific risks associated with overseas travel that are worth bearing in mind.

Jetting off with kids in tow is even more of a worry; will you be able to keep them safe in another country? By exercising some caution and remaining alert, you don’t have to miss out on exploring the beautiful world we live in just because you’re responsible for a family. Here are five ways to keep yourself, and your loved ones, safe while travelling.

Make Copies of Everything

If you’re travelling overseas, you can never be too organised. Take copies of your passport, your children’s passports, insurance papers, travel itinerary and even your credit cards. Keep spare copies in another suitcase and leave spares at home with a friend, too. Anything could happen when you visit a new country, and the last thing you want is to be stuck overseas without the information you need to get home.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

It may sound obvious, but if bad things are going to happen during your holiday, they are more likely to occur after the sun goes down. Luckily, most of us have no choice about turning in early when we go abroad with our kids, as little ones tend to get tired after a day of exploring. Avoid potential danger entirely by not travelling when it’s dark. By going to bed early, you’ll get a good night’s sleep and have more energy for sightseeing during the day.

Get Friendly with the Locals

Make connections with the locals in your holiday town, and they will more than likely watch your back. Friendly people in the area will also be able to give you tips on where to visit and how to avoid potential hotspots for criminal activity.

Get Your Possessions Insured

Sadly, there are some areas of the world in which muggings are rife. Obviously, you want to ensure your own family’s safety first, but you should also insure your possessions against loss or theft. If you’re unfortunate enough to get attacked while you’re travelling, you might be able to claim criminal compensation for your injuries as well as any stolen or damaged goods. Criminal compensation can be claimed even without the perpetrator in custody, so don’t hesitate to seek legal advice.

Keep Your Head Up

The reason one in ten British tourists is a victim of crime is that they are seen as easy targets. This is because they’re not familiar with the area, and they tend to wander around with their holiday heads on, enjoying the sights without being very alert. Don’t make yourself an easy target. Cross the street at the first sign of trouble, and keep your head up and your eyes looking straight ahead.

Travelling with kids can be even more daunting than venturing off on your own, but you shouldn’t neglect your wanderlust just because you’re a parent. By exercising awareness and remaining sensible and organised, you can keep your family safe and still enjoy a holiday to remember.

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