How to Get Back on the Roads After Losing Your Car

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Losing your car – to theft, a breakdown, or a crash – can be a difficult event in your life. Without your vehicle, you’re left to consider which option to go with next – whether to only use public transport, or whether to buy yourself a bike to ride come rain or shine. And, in cases in which you crashed your car, you also need to develop the confidence to get back onto the roads, should you want to find another car. Here’s how to do that after losing your vehicle in 2020.

Talking with Insurers

One of the biggest costs of driving is the amount of cash you’ll spend per year on the insurance. If you recently had a crash, or you made a claim on your car insurance policy at around the time that your car was taken off the roads, you may find that insurance companies quote you a far higher premium for your policy. This can prevent you from ever returning to the roads in the first place. What you need to do here is talk with insurers to understand your predicament – and to search online for policies that will charge you less, despite your recent claim. Finding the best deal will get you back onto the roads as cheaply as possible.

Finding the Right Car

Now that you’re aware that you’ll be able to afford the new insurance fees on a new car, it’s time to look at which car to purchase. Many motorists are tempted by the cheap side of the market – those second-hand or third-hand cars that have driven tens of thousands of miles in their careers. Generally speaking, these are poor investments: set to cost you more in maintenance than they cost you to buy. Instead, it’s easy to find a bad credit car leasing deal to get you on the roads again. Instead of purchasing a car, you’ll rent it long-term – and it’ll be brand new, so you’ll not have to worry about repairs and breakdowns.

Confidence Boosting

Many drivers spend years off the roads between vehicles – and in many cases, that’s because they experienced a traumatic road traffic accident the last time they were behind the wheel. On the other side, Road Traffic Accident Claims are recommended for serious injuries that happened, providing witnesses and evidence to avail this compensation.

For such drivers, getting behind the wheel again can feel daunting – and that’s why a little period of confidence boosting can go a long way before you take your car out to the faster and busier roads. Take your car on local journeys, first, to get used to it and to get comfortable in the driver’s seat once more.

Final Bits

Finally, you’re just going to need to ensure that your car has an in-date MOT, that your driver’s license is up-to-date, and that you’ve paid your vehicle tax. If all of this is accounted for, you’re able to take to the roads once more in your new vehicle, once again driving between the destinations in your life.

There you have it: four important tips to help you get back onto the road after losing your car in an accident, a breakdown, or a theft.

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