Financing Your Road Trip Getaway: A Guide

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The image of heading out for the horizon and not stopping is a romantic image that appeals to many people who are planning a road trip. As freeing as it may seem to hit the road and not look back, road trips involve a bit of budgeting to make them work. After all, a road trip without a tour of the region’ best restaurants, most impressive sites and best beaches wouldn’t be as fun. To include all the best features of a successful road trip, you will need to plan ahead – and that includes your budget.

Plan the route

If you want to know just how much petrol you will end up using, then the best way to do this is to pre-plan your route. Not only will this allow you to work out mileage and how much petrol you’re likely to use, but also what you’re going to see. You may discover sites you want to visit and restaurants to stop by.

One of the easiest ways to pre-plan your route is to use an app. There are apps that are not just a virtual map and navigation service but have other specific features which are particularly useful to those on a road trip.

Motorhome vehicle

If there is one type of vehicle that was designed a road trip, it’s a motorhome. These allow you to self-cater, sleep, and travel in comfort. However, as you would expect, these vehicles can be a bit pricier than a standard hatchback car. Luckily, there are finance options for caravans and motorhomes. Providers such as Auto Finance Online will help you to find a motorhome within your budget and a financing option, which will allow you to pay it back over time.

Motel stops

When you finance your holiday on the road, you will need to factor in the cost of motel stops. Road trips often include a motel stop or two along the way, even if you are traveling in a motorhome. Often the pink-neon imagery seen in movies and music videos makes people want to live out their Hollywood road trip fantasy. As well as being part of the iconic road trip ideal, motel stops provide an important place to rest. Driving when tired is incredibly dangerous to other drivers, and so planning out places to sleep and have a coffee in the morning is vital.

The cost of an MOT

Before you hit the road, it is incredibly important to do safety checks on your vehicle. The cost of your road trip should absolutely take into account the cost of an MOT, or at the very least, a pre-travel service check. Checking under the bonnet fluids and your brakes will give you peace of mind before you leave. Doing your checks a few days before you leave will also give you plenty of time to get any last minute technical changes or items you may need. Discovering one of your brake lights is out the day before your trip could be a real nightmare.

Financing your road trip is not just about paying for the vehicle itself. It’s also about factoring other small conveniences and safety items that will make your trip secure and comfortable. By pre-planning your route and giving your vehicle an MOT, you should have no surprise payments on the horizon.

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