7 Events All Campervan Lovers Should Visit

Photo Credit: Wendy Wei via www.pexels.com

Do you have a campervan and are looking to travel around the UK to make the most of the glorious (if slightly too hot sometimes) sunshine? Here are seven excellent destinations for the campervan enthusiast, with music, motor shows and even hot air balloons, just waiting for you to drive down and set up camp.

Go To Goodwood

Famed all over the UK, the Goodwood Festival of Speed is home to vehicles of all types, from speedy and muscular supercars to aged, slow, but perfectly maintained vintage numbers. It is the perfect place for motorheads to get their heads together under bonnets and over drinks as you watch the races, enviously ogle the supercars, and generally enjoy yourself with a crowd of like-minded souls.

Bristol International Balloon Festival

Surround yourself with the roar of dragon-like flame as you watch empty sacs of silk fill with hot air and rise, gracefully, impossibly, into the sky. Over two magical weeks you can watch the miracle of air- and heat-powered flight as multi-coloured balloons in every shape, colour and size from everywhere in the world take off and are carried away by the vagaries of the wind. And you can do it all from the comfort of your campervan.

Kendal Mountain Film Fest

In the heart of outstandingly beautiful Cumbria the Kendal Mountain Film Festival is an unusual but highly sociable gathering. Go along and park up alongside filmmakers, movie buffs and happy campers of all types before you enjoy listening to expert guest speakers, indulge in some dancing, listen to music and partake in general socialising alongside other campervan afficionados. Don’t forget to get your insurance fromwww.campervaninsurance.co.uk/ campervan-insurance to keep your investment and temporary home safe.

Wales Air Show

This air show, in Swansea, is a great excuse to visit this strange town: half industrial and half coastal paradise, Swansea is an historic town making the most of modern technology and the latest advances. And they extend this try-a-little-of-everything attitude to encouraging visitors to come and visit the town too: the air show is a wonderful assemblage of vintage aircraft, cutting edge technology and seat-of-the-pants dare-devilment. Great entertainment for the whole family, with a zoo nearby as well as miles of beautiful coastline.

Camp Good Life

Camp Good Life, in North Wales, might sound a little suspicious to fans of the Friday the 13th film series – surely that name is too good to be true? – but this camp easily lives up to its name. Essentially kids’ summer camp, with plenty of activities from crafting to exploring to trying out, but aimed at adults, it is a great place to camp and get in touch with your inner child without risking wild camping in less accessible areas!

Camp Bestival

Devon is so proud of their ‘best of all’ festival, Camp Bestival, that they put it into the name! Enjoy performances from the UK’s top musical artists, gorgeous foodie offerings and explore the stunning Devonshire countryside. A word of warning though: always remember which goes first on your scone. Jam first, or cream first? Getting it wrong will earn you disapproving frown, and maybe even a tut!


No boarding school headmasters here, the boards being mastered belong on the sea! Head to picturesque Cornwall for a surf- and music-filled weekend with top 40 artists headlining and getting everyone on their feet and singing along. Enjoy the festival, camp in your van, and catch sunset, sunrise – or perhaps both? – on the beach for a truly primal back-to-nature moment.

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