5 Useful Travel checks before taking a Road Trip

Photo Credit: Jonathan Borba via www.pexels.com

Planning for a road trip with your family to freshen up for sometime?, whether it be in London, Yorkshire or even Scotland, following checks need to be taken into account.

Road trips can be a lot of fun, but they can also be dangerous. It is important to take some precautions before you set off on your journey – even if it’s just for the day or a few hours. This post will give you five tips that are sure to come in handy when planning and taking your next road trip!

1) Battery/ engine check

Make sure you have enough gas to get where you are going. Make sure your battery is charged and that the engine of your car works properly. This will ensure that you have enough gas to get where you are going, and won’t break down on the side of the road. This is also a good time to check your oil level or make sure there are no leaks under the car!

2) Tyre check

Make sure you have the tyre pressure checked and your tyres are inflated to the right level. Tyres need air to properly grip the road, so make sure that they are all at an adequate pressure level! You can use a gas station or local garage if you don’t know how much is needed. In case you are looking to buy tyres in Pontefract? Get them at Ossett Tyre House.

3) Check brakes

Make sure you are aware of your car’s braking capabilities and check them before taking a long trip. If not used properly, brakes will wear down over time and the quality of breaking could decrease noticeably.

4) Check electricals

Check your lights, wipers and other electricals to make sure they all work properly. It is a good idea to check these before you set off on the long drive as it may save some frustration later on!

5) Emergency kit

Lastly, make sure you always carry an emergency kit in your vehicle. This should include a first-aid kit, handy tools in case of a breakdown such as wrenches or jumper cables and some water.

The above road trip checks will ensure in case of a breakdown you are well prepared.

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