10 Tips to save money booking flights online

Photo Credit: Jason Toevs, www.pexels.com

It’s exciting planning a holiday but finding reasonably priced flights can be a challenge. To help you find better deals, here are 10 tips to save money booking flights online.

  1. Book early

When flights have plenty of availability, the cost is usually lower as airlines want to fill the flight. If the flight is popular, then prices will increase as there is higher demand. Book early to avoid increased prices.

  1. Book last minute

If you can’t book early, then you might prefer to wait for last-minute deals. Airlines want to fill as many of the remaining seats as they can, so you can often get good prices on late bookings.

  1. Compare deals

Comparison websites will show you the best deals for the flights you are interested in. This can make the process of finding the best prices easier.

  1. Browse in private mode

Websites can remember what you have searched for, so quite often you find that if you return to a site to check a flight again, the price will have increased. Search using private mode or use a public computer to search and then use your own when you are ready to book.

  1. Sign-up for offers

Sign up to receive email alerts for discounted holidays or low-cost flight offers.

  1. Be flexible with dates

Flights can vary in price by quite a large amount from one day or week to the next. If you can be flexible with dates, you might be able to get lower priced flights.

  1. Fly off-peak

Flights during school holidays are usually higher, so if you can travel outside of these times, you’ll often get better deals. Weekday flights and flights that are in the middle of the night or very early morning can also be cheaper than flights during the day or at the weekend.

  1. Be flexible with airports

While it is more convenient to travel from your nearest airport, you might find better prices at one further away. You might also save money flying out of one airport and returning to another.

  1. Use different airlines

It can be cost-effective to book with one airline for the outbound flight and a completely different one for the return flight.

  • Reduce your luggage

Many low-cost airlines charge for luggage. Decide if you really need a big suitcase or whether you can manage with a small hand-luggage case. If you are flying with other people, you might not need a suitcase each as you can share a case to save money.

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