Suite Hotel Pincoffs Rotterdam

Suite Hotel Pincoffs describes itself as the best boutique hotel in Rotterdam, and StyleNest would be inclined to agree. Located a little out of the centre the hotel is still easily accessible thanks to small size of the city, but in return for an extra metro stop or two offers peace, quiet, and a spectacular view over Rotterdam’s famous Erasumus Bridge. The hotel’s décor also has a more traditional feel, which contrasts nicely with the city’s modern and inventive architecture, and makes Pincoffs really stand out from the crowd as a stylish and luxurious boutique hotel.

We were welcomed upon arrival by the hotel’s friendly staff, who we had already spoken to numerous times on email and had proved themselves very attentive even before our stay. Once at Pincoffs things were no different, and we were kindly escorted us to our suite and thoroughly explained everything we needed to know about the hotel. We were also left with plenty of information on Rotterdam, including a short Lonely Planet guide to the city, which soon become indispensable, and nearby restaurant recommendations. Our impressive suite had high windows looking out onto the bridge and port, was tastefully decorated in shades of cream and beige, and had furniture so beautiful we wanted to take it home with us.

Before our stay we had specifically requested a room with a bath (some rooms at Pincoffs are shower only) and the hotel had kindly obliged. The huge bathroom was fitted with an equally huge standalone tub, fitted with whirlpool features and with plenty of Bulgari products to use with it. Luckily we were travelling with someone who also appreciated a relaxing, scented and very bubbly bath, and we took our time prepping and pampering before heading out into Rotterdam.

The hotel offers a turndown service in the evening, which we gladly accepted as the grand curtains were simply to big for us to draw ourselves! And we were glad we did, we returned to our room with the lights turned down low, the bed cover invitingly pulled back, and even sweets – rather than the classic chocolate – on the pillow.

After a very peaceful night’s sleep we woke up to a sunny view and looked forward to starting the day with the hotel’s breakfast. Here eggs were freshly cooked on demand with a variety of extras, and the hotel provided a buffet of Dutch cheese and meats, pastries, fruit, yoghurt, fresh juice and coffee. We loved the bright, well-lit room to start our day, which was also had a touch of Pincoffs’ more traditional theme thanks to a piano and a selection of handsome grandfather clocks hanging on the wall.

Helpful to the very end the staff offered taxis or a place to store our luggage if needed as we left, but unfortunately our trip to Rotterdam had also come to an end just like our stay at Suite Hotel Pincoffs, the best boutique hotel in the city.

Rooms start from 110€ in low-season. More information can be found at

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