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“Not too little, not too much.” Lagom is the latest life and style trend to come out of Scandiavia, this time provided by the Swedish. At its heart, Lagom’s ethos is one of sustainability, simplicity and moderation. It eschews the constant drive to accumulate ‘stuff’ in favour of a pared-back, simpler life with fewer stresses and a better work/life balance. Whilst not specifically an interiors trend, many people have applied Lagom’s principles to their homes by banishing clutter, minimising waste and choosing simple, high-quality, eco-friendly design.

India May Home’s core collection is as considered and carefully chosen as you’d expect from a brand taking cues from the Scandinavian way of life. Unfussy designs, neutral colours and natural materials are key in creating a Lagom interior – and all three of these guide owner Karen Birchenough’s choices when selecting new products for her store. Minimalist, anti-clutter and incredibly chilled, a brief browse through the India May Home webshop will provide everything you need to bring Lagom into your own home. The monochrome palette running through is classically Scandinavian but the details are exotic and imperfect, straight out of a Moroccan souk or Indian market. Handmade textiles, hammered metal and carved bone reveal the handiwork of the artisans who made the products.

Karen visits India and Morocco regularly to meet and spend time with the people who make her products, develop new ideas with them and oversee the manufacturing process, ensuring that everything is done to the highest quality. All of the skilled artisans behind India May Home are given a fair wage, allowing them to support their families, pass on their valuable skills to their children and experiment with new ideas for future designs. The materials used to create the collection are also ethically and sustainably sourced.

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