Vita Pilates

Vita Pilates ClassThere is Dynamic Pilates, then there is Vita Pilates. If you are a fan of Dynamic Pilates and fancy an extra push, then this is the studio for you. 

Vita Pilates offer one-to-one sessions that will tone and sculpt your body like nothing else.  It’s tough, very tough; your trainer won’t let you relax for a moment.  But at the end of the hour you will feel incredible, although completely exhausted.

Vita Pilates is tailored to your needs so much so that you can even choose the music you listen too.  The one-on-one sessions push you harder yet also focuses on whichever areas you wish to. Unlike some classes, your trainer won’t allow you to stretch out after each exercise; instead the routine is created to seamlessly take you from one exercise to the next.  Trust us, it’s tough but it’s worth it.  The bespoke classes are advisable for those with dynamic Pilates experience and are comfortable using the reformer bed.

For those wishing to try a group session that is a little more relaxed (but really, only a little), you can choose from a variety of classes from Foundation (suitable for beginners), Enhanced (intermediate to advanced), Enhanced Cardio and also Pre-Natal sessions.  Also available are single sex classes and duet sessions so you can feel the benefits of a private lesson but have a friend for support.

We recommend Vita Pilates for those really wanting to change their shape.  We also recommend it post-pregnancy workouts for toning up and strengthening your core.

The studio itself is modernly and elegantly kitted out with luxury changing rooms available.

Classes start at £30 each, however if you buy in bulk you will make a great saving.  Visit

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