The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet BookA low-carb diet that introduces an understanding of nutrition and encourages a healthy eating plan for life.

Although not a new diet, The South Beach Diet is still a firm favourite with many weight-conscious celebrities. This low-carb diet is surprisingly easy to follow and the results are seriously impressive.

Unlike the Atkins diet, on South Beach you have to choose lean meats and still make healthy choices.  The diet is split into three easy-to-follow stages.

Stage One is the strictest of all to kick start your new regime and weight loss.  Carbs are no-go, however you can choose from lean meats, a variety of vegetables, and low fat cheeses.  This lasts for two weeks.  Next, Stage Two gradually re-introduces starchy foods (such as wholegrains / pulses) and sugars (good sugars found in fruit and vegetables).  This starts with a low glycemic index until your target weight is reached.  Finally, Phase Three is the healthy eating plan you should follow forever.

This diet is much more about a way of living, understanding which foods are good and help your body to work more efficiently.  You can expect to lose around half a stone in the fist two weeks. Phases Two and Three will be much more gradual.

Sounds too easy?  Stage One is difficult and you may experience sugar cravings for the first week. But stick with it, you won’t be disappointed.  The South Beach Cookbook also helps to keep meal times interesting.

For more information, visit The South Beach Diet website.

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