Rodial Crash Diet Kit

Rodial sticksIf you’re looking for a quick fix bikini diet look no further than Rodial’s New Crash Diet Kit. 

With Rodial’s Crash Diet Kit you can drop a dress size in just 10 days. Rodial is renowned for their hardworking, results driven products which combine the best of anti-ageing and firming ingredients. We have been fans of their Tummy Tuck gel since we first tried it so we couldn’t wait to try the Crash Diet Kit.

The regime is easy to follow and most importantly easy to stick too. The kit contains Diet Sticks, Smoothies and Crash Diet Gel.

Step 1: Smooth your way to a firmer silhouette with Crash Diet™. Use morning and night throughout the two-week crash diet™ plan. For best results apply before exercise and always body brush before application.

Step 2: Once a day take a Crash Diet Stick mixed with water. Rich in guarana, green coffee extract and green tea, they will help to speed up your metabolism and help to break down stubborn fat cells.

Step 3: Crash Diet Smoothies. These are a low-calorie protein shake which can be take as a snack to curb cravings and maintain enegery levels or as a meal replacement. We took ours every morning with Soya Milk. They tasted delicious and kept us going until lunch.

In order to get the best results drink plenty of water, exercise and try to avoid carbs. Opt for lentils, pulses, lean protein and plenty of vegetables.

So, if you’re looking for a quick way to get bikini fit or have a big event coming up we highly recommend Rodial’s Crash Diet Kit for a simple, effective way to de-bloat and shed a few of those stubborn pounds.

The kit is priced at £99. For more information please visit

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