On the whole, I eat well; I try to eat a variety of foods and am conscious of having enough fruit and veg on my plate but that doesn’t mean the odd ‘bad’ day doesn’t slip in every now and then (particularly when life gets busy, which ironically is when I need the most goodness in my diet). I am also really aware of the quality of my food- I am certain that many fruits and veg from supermarkets just don’t have the volume of nutrients in them that our bodies require.

I do take supplements, but I am never sure how much my body absorbs and how much is literally money down the toilet! So, I have been tempted to try an IV vitamin drip for a while and after feeling particularly run down, I finally booked in at Get A Drip.

You have a choice of drip; Basic Hydration, Energy Drip, Party Drip, Detox Drip, Sports Drip or The Full Works. Not one to do things by half, I opted for The Full Works- this includes vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and C, plus glucose, potassium, calcium and the master antioxidant- Glutathione. It was the glutathione that I was especially interested in, it’s called ‘the master antioxidant’ because it can regenerate itself in the liver. Glutathione exists within our cells, putting it in a prime position to fight the free radicals that age us. It decreases muscle damage, increases strength and endurance, and boosts the immune system. Before you even feel the benefits of this wonder molecule though, you will very quickly see the benefits in your skin, hair and nails- it’s a real health and beauty booster!

I found the whole process to be totally comfortable (needle phobes will have a tougher time with it of course) after a thorough consultation, a fully-trained nurse will administer the IV line and attach your drip. The glutathione ‘pusher’ is given separately to get the best results and a B12 injection was also given to me separately (via an injection straight into the muscle) as it absorbs better this way and doesn’t interfere with the other vitamins in the drip. You can feel quite cold during the treatment as the temperature of the drip is slightly lower than body temperature but the massage chair you sit in during the process is heated and you are given a cosy blanket to snuggle into too. I found it all quite relaxing to be honest!

You might decide to ‘get a drip’ for a range of different reasons, from feeling run down, to aiding sports training, or even to ease a hangover (yes the rumours are true and yes it does work) but there are much more serious health benefits to be gained too; Get a Drip founder, Richard Chambers, had been in and out of hospital needing treatment for issues relating to his T1 diabetes and under-active thyroid (such as ketoacidosis and gastroenteritis) being hooked up to an IV drip each time he was admitted and consequently feeling better immediately after the drip. Richard started to research the benefits and availability of vitamin drips in the UK, and discovered the ones that were available were not particularly affordable for ‘everyday people’. So, Get A Drip was born; the highest quality, dispensed in the most beneficial way at reasonable prices.

I’m hooked already (I should say, you should not rely on IV drips over a healthy lifestyle but….) the original pop-up is open for 6 weeks initially but there are plans to extend and expand thank goodness, and all in time for the party season!

2 Drysdale Street, Shoreditch, London N1 6NA, Tel: 0203 441 9096

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