Medichecks – Well Woman UltraVit Review

The service that allows you to take control of your health

As someone who is extremely interested in health & wellbeing I am always wondering what is going on inside our bodies as well as on the outside. Whether it be dull dark under eye circles or even a lack of energy and motivation I really believe that everything works from the inside out so it’s super important to understand really what is going on in our bodies.

So when I was given the opportunity to review a Medichecks pack, I couldn’t say no.

For those who aren’t aware of Medichecks, they are an at-home blood and health check service where you are able to tailor your health check to your needs, everything from detecting risk of an illness that runs in the family, diagnosing a condition or optimising your health and fitness regime – it’s health care taken to the next level.

I chose to take the Well Woman UltraVit check, which covers essential checks such as red and white blood cell count, liver, kidney and bone health as well as measures of iron storage, thyroid function and key vitamins, just to name a few! This particular test appealed to me as I liked how comprehensive it was allowing me to get as much information as possible. The information available on the Medichecks website is unbelievably detailed and helpful, they really ensure that all of the ‘health jargon’ is decoded so you can understand what it is you are testing for and how to review your results.

So, how does it work? You can take the test with a simple finger-prick at home however to ensure the best results this particular check recommends you go and have a blood sample taken by a phlebotomist; Medichecks can tell you where your nearest centre is.

Once you have the sample taken (which by the way was absolutely fine and not as scary as it sounds) you send off the samples in the post with all of the relevant documentation and wait for your results, which in my case was a two-day turn around.

When you receive your reports back via email the most notable thing for me was that it was written by a doctor in a completely understandable format, it was personable and informative and more than I could have expected. The results would look something like the below:

‘Your CK level is high, indicating either having high muscle mass, or engaging in heavy exercise or a protein rich meal prior to testing. Yours is only slightly increased and is not a cause for concern’

Then they also attach your reports so that you can have a further in depth look at the findings should anything be a cause for concern.

Without a doubt the level of professionalism and the service received was outstanding. If you are interested in your general health and want to take control of it, Medichecks is as comprehensive as it gets. With a wide number of tests to chose from, it is unlikely that you will get anything as detailed anywhere else.

For more information, visit Tests start from £39

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