Just Breathe Wild Breathing

Caroline Kremer Wild BreathingIntroducing Wild Breathing, the new lung workout from breath expert Caroline Kremer to help you optimise your health and promote free and natural breathing.

So many of us are struggling to, sit back, relax and just breathe – the simplest and natural of actions have become disrupted by our fast paced way of life.

Breathing expert Caroline Kremer aims to reawaken the mind, body and senses by re discovering breathing through an innovative technique using the Bowen Technique principles, yoga inspired movement and step by step guided breath as well as observation of your current breathing patterns. Aimed to strengthen your diaphragm and lengthen your breath, the Just Breathe method calms the nervous system and helps to assist in a natural breathing pattern as well as lower heart rate and blood pressure and release tension.

Essentially, a lung workout, Just Breathe helps to promote free and natural breathing which in turn, helps enhance energy levels, encourage fluidity of movement, prevent injury and release emotional stresses for an instant results.

‘Wild breathing’ helps to improve energy levels, encourages fluidity of movement, helps prevent injury and works to release emotional niggles, freeing you to live optimally in your body and your mind, what’s more, results are instant.

So next time you take a trip to the gym be aware of your breathing and perhaps something as simple as a lung workout could boost your performance.

Caroline Kremer is based at 58 South Molton Street in W1.

For more information visit www.58southmoltonstreet.co.uk

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