Absolute Fitness Christmas Survival Tips

Absolute FitnessWith mince pies and mulled wine, filling our bellies this season, StyleNest have teamed up with Absolute Fitness to bring you the best pre and post festive fitness tips.

StyleNest have teamed up with Kathryn Freeland, MD at Absolute Fitness to bring you top health and fitness tips.

Avoid the January New Year’s Resolutions of diets and detoxes by starting early and re-balance your life now. Absolute Fitness advises to make small life changes such as ordering a small glass of wine rather than a large to help you reach your goals. Set yourself achievable and gentle goals which will make yourself feel good when you reach your targets.

Tip 1. Managing Treats & Eating Habits

  • When drinking, order a glass of water with your wine and be sure to drink this first to rehydrate yourself. We often drink the first glass of wine too quickly because we feel dehydrated and therefore, a second glass is only fair.
  • If you are eating out have either wine or pudding you don’t need both.
  •  Never go to the supermarket hungry, you’ll buy food you normally wouldn’t do and perhaps even a snack you don’t need.
  • Re-think your morning coffee. Not only does the money add up but there are many hidden calories. Particularly in the festive flavoured varieties.

Tip 2. Change Your Exercise Habits

  • If you have been victim to the January gym membership where you’ve signed up and hardly shown your face (that time when the hot water broke and you needed to use the shower doesn’t count) then your exercise habits need to change.
  • There is no point exercising if your lifestyle habits haven’t changed with it.
  • Walking, running, or cycling to work is a great way of fitting exercise into your daily routine. It helps clear the mind on the commute to work and for those who don’t like the gym then it’s a great option.
  • Meet up with your friends and go for a walk or run, or even a class and it will help make the time go faster.

For more information visit www.absolutefitness.co.uk.

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