5 Summer Hobbies to Start Now

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Summer is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby. The weather’s warm, the mornings are bright, and we tend to feel a whole lot more motivated when the sun comes out. It doesn’t have to be a sports activity if you’re not that way inclined; there are a vast number of other hobbies you can try.

So, whether you want to flex your creative muscles, get fit or learn a new skill, there’s no time like the present. Here are five summer hobby ideas to inspire you.

Want to Get Fit? Take Up Hiking

You don’t have to be fit to enjoy hiking, especially if you plug in a good podcast or go walking with friends. Most local parks have trails of varying lengths, and you can look into other challenges and walking holidays abroad if you want to push yourself further. To get started, make sure you have a pair of sturdy shoes or hiking boots and pack a backpack for the day. There are plenty of online resources for new hikers, as well as clubs and groups you can join, so you don’t have to go it alone. Either way, you’ll get some fresh air in your lungs, and your mind and body will thank you.

Rainy Days: Give Yourself a History Lesson

The memory of school lessons makes history unappealing to most of us, but there is much entertainment to be found in the days of old. From bloody wars and forbidden loves to fashion through the ages, there is a part of history that appeals to everyone. Next time it rains (or you just fancy a day on the sofa) expand your mind by watching a documentary or spend some time researching what has changed in the last 100 years at Sun Life. Learn about dating, photography and communication through history, for a start. You never know – you might surprise yourself by developing a new interest!

Love Nature? Get Photographing

If you’ve always wanted to learn photography, buy or borrow a digital camera this summer and get snapping. If using a real camera is not an option for you, you can start by experimenting with angles and filters on your iPhone. Smartphone cameras are such high good quality these days that it’s easy to create a professional looking image, especially if you use the variety of accessories available. It doesn’t matter how you start, but you’ll never get good unless you practice. 

Arty Types: Try Calligraphy

Have you always wanted to have fancy handwriting, the kind you see on wedding invitations and cute chalkboards? Scrawling beautiful lettering will give you a deep sense of satisfaction, plus you can do it while watching TV or listening to music. This is a great activity for anyone who finds art or creativity super meditative, or who wants to create something beautiful with only a few simple tools. Try following a blog, YouTube video or Instagram account for inspiration and guidance, and you’ll be a budding calligrapher in no time.

Love Food? Learn to Cook

We all love eating food, but what if you could learn to cook amazing meals for yourself and your loved ones? There are so many delicious salads, pasta dishes, curries and fruit desserts just made to be devoured in summer, and the bonus is you’ll get to enjoy them afterwards. The more you enjoy cooking, the better your food will be, so treat yourself to a new cookery book and start today.

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