5 Cool Jobs for Fitness Fanatics

Photo Credit: Bruce Mars, www.pexels.com

Are you a sucker for anything fitness related? Do you enjoy keeping in shape and love the feeling you get after a good workout? Did you realise there are many different ways you can turn your passion into a successful career, earning money doing something you love? If you’d love a job that keeps you active and leaves you feeling better, both physically and mentally here are five of your options.

  1. Dance Instructor

Humans have been dancing for thousands of years and there seems to be a renewed interest in learning. Which of course means there’s an increasing need for dance instructors. If you want to be a dance instructor, you’re going to need to learn some different types of dancing as well as how to teach other people how to do it. Dance is also a popular way of keeping fit, so it’s a perfect way to include something you love doing.

  1. Fitness Blogger

Blogging is a way of earning money that’s become very popular in recent years. When it comes to choosing something to write about your obvious choice is going to be health and fitness. There are a variety of ways you can earn money blogging. For example, using a blog to promote services. Advertising is another way blogging can earn you money.

  1. Personal Trainer

A personal trainer helps people get fit by developing a fitness program for them and helping them reach their goals. You will need a qualification, for example, Origym PT Certification Belfast. Personal trainers can be found working in a gym or fitness centre or they can work for themselves. They also work in country clubs, hospitals, universities and for professional athletic teams. You might have one or two clients that you work one-on-one with or you be involved with a larger group of people. You might be called on to hold classes in aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, muscle toning, stretching or cardiovascular exercise.

  1. Nutritionist/Dietician

This role involves helping people achieve and maintain healthy eating habits. You’re responsible for supervising a dietary regime, making suggestions for healthy eating habits, and generally helping people live a healthier lifestyle. You might find yourself working in a hospital, outpatient care centre, or a doctors office. Your work could involve planning food and nutrition programmes, recommending dietary modifications, giving tips and tricks for health food preparation, community service work, attending seminars, and visiting schools to teach people about healthy eating habits. The minimum qualification is a bachelor’s degree in an area such as dietetics, food and nutrition or something similar.

  1. Recreational Therapist

A recreational therapist helps disabled or injured patients in therapeutic activities. The aim is to help the patient overcome a personal disability. It might involve helping them to swim or encouraging them to participate in a team sport. This type of career is not for the faint-hearted and you’ll be faced with patients who want to give up. You have to be strong for them and help them overcome any negative thoughts they might be having.

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