4 Tips to Reduce Stress In The Family Home

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Our homes should be peaceful sanctuaries away from the bustling outside world. In reality, running a home and keeping it stress free, can be as difficult as our day jobs. Sometimes it can all get a bit too much, with tensions boiling over, but there’s a way to reduce this stress. It’s important to remember that all households experience some levels of stress and it’s all a matter of dealing with it in a healthy way and finding solutions to stop it from happening in the future. High levels of stress are detrimental not only to mental but also physical health, so getting it under control should be of high priority.

Create a Rota

Chances are that at a large part of stress that arises is due to chores and, specifically, someone not holding up their end of the bargain. It’s not realistic to expect everyone to remember what needs doing on a daily and weekly basis as we all lead busy lives. Create a rota that clearly outlines everyone’s responsibilities and the days when they need to be accomplished to reduce any confusion or arguments associated with chores. It’s also fantastic for teaching little ones what responsibility means from an early age.

Reduce Annoyances

Make a list of things that cause the most tension in your home. It might be a flickering light, dripping tap, slow broadband, or lack of storage space. Each of these things can be dealt with fairly quickly, meaning you don’t have to spend time thinking or being annoyed by it. Spend a week making notes on what needs seeing to and then prioritise based on how fast it can be fixed. Many companies now offer a service where you can post which jobs need doing and wait for the quotes from trusted professionals to come in, putting an end to the difficulty of finding trusted tradespeople.

Phone-free Time

Sometimes home life gets stressful because we don’t know how to leave the outside world behind. Our phones are the ever-present connection that feed anxiety and feelings of being always ‘on’. Try dedicating some time each day to phone-free time or implementing a phone-free hour after you’re back from work and after dinner. After a few weeks of doing it, being phone-free will become second nature and you’ll naturally reach for it less. Not only will feelings of stress be reduced at home but you’re likely to discover that you’re relaxing more and getting things done around the house. 


Messy spaces have a way of making us feel anxious and chaotic. If you have difficulty finding things in the mornings or find yourself constantly rearranging piles of things, then it might be time to declutter your living space. We all have far too many things, from clothes to books and knick-knacks. Decluttering will mean different things to different people, you can start doing it room by room or tackle wardrobes and bookshelves only. Streamlining your possessions will make your living space feel less crowded and stressful all around.

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