4 New Things You Should Learn in 2019

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Lisa Fotios , www.pexels.com

As a new year is just around the corner, people everywhere are probably thinking about how to make it one of their best years yet. Although everyone’s life goals are different, one thing most people are looking for is personal development and growth. There are different ways to grow, whether it be by increasing your earnings or making an effort to reach out to your loved ones more often. Take time out to think about what new things you’d like to learn and how doing so could make you a better person. So that you start the new year on a high note, consider learning at least one of these four skills below

1.   Social Media

There are so many different skills that you can learn throughout the course of your life. While some are learned in school, others are often taught to you in the school of life. There are also a set of skills that you can learn on your own as a way of encouraging self-development. One of the skills to consider is social media as it has become such a vital tool amongst individuals and organisations nowadays. To boost your social media skills, you can learn how to analyse and assess posts, write in a promotional and persuasive way, and understand the differences of each platform.

2.   New Food Dishes

Food is often a significant part of people’s daily lives as you need to eat to survive! While some people prefer eating out, others are fans of home cooked meals. Whatever the case, in 2019, focus on learning a few new dishes. Not only could it help you eat a lot healthier if you’re prone to empty calorie foods and junk, but it can save you money too. One dish that you can add to your list are basics like steak and mash, spaghetti bolognese, or baked salmon with veggies.

3.   A Language

Some people are lucky to have learned a new language at a young age, while others may only know one. The good news is that you can learn a new language at any time if you’re ready to put in the work. One language that is worth learning is Mandarin, especially if you plan on going to China any time soon. If you want to attend Mandarin classes London, you will find affordable lessons at Chinese School London, for example.

4.   Technology

Learning how to use technology is another fantastic skill to learn in 2019. Seeing as it’s become so pervasive, you should know a few of the basics and more. Learning how to use technology can give you a competitive edge in your career and also make your daily life easier too. Some IT skills that are in demand include programming languages like SQL, Java, PHP, or Oracle. You don’t have to learn these skills in-depth, but at least knowing the essentials could go a long way.

Whether you’ve had a good or bad 2018, the beauty of the new year is that it’s a chance to hit the reset button. No matter how much you plan, things may not go accordingly, but the good thing is that you have control over and your personal development.

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