Twisted Vintage

Call it the power of trendsetters, but sometimes, to me at least, it feels a little bit like: the more options there are, the less choice we have. Have you ever felt that way? To pluck from a bank of recent examples: cacti. Sure, you could choose between a cactus print skirt, a framed cactus print or, you know, even an actual cactus – but on some level, the buzz of acquisition was a teeny bit hollow, because of the trend’s ubiquity: on the street, in the brochures and in the mags. 

It’s probably because of this, and an urge to keep things ‘individual’ in the face of ‘mainstream’,  that there’s been a shift towards ‘bespoke’ and ‘unique’. Perhaps once perceived to be the domain of the wealthy, online like have shown that personal pieces can be very affordable. 

But it’s not all monogramming, you know. Twisted Vintage is a jewellery company based in London, where the approach to design ensures that no two pieces are the same, due to their re-working of old, broken pieces into new and contemporary statement jewels. 

Wearing a Twisted Vintage piece feels special in so many ways. Who doesn’t love a vintage item: the idea that your latest find has been worn, or used, or loved by someone – or many someones – before you. Objects with history spark our romantic sides, don’t they? And there’s something even more wonderful, in our ‘disposable fashion’ society, about pieces of jewellery that, being broken, are no longer fit for purpose – but which find new life and beauty under designer Brigitte Jones’ expert hands. It’s dreamy – the idea that two fragments may have come from such different places and owners – yet are now linked, both literally and figuratively, around your neck, or wrist. 

Of course, it doesn’t all have to be imagined histories and fanciful tales – this skilful reworking of preloved pieces means that if you have a piece of jewellery with bags of sentimental value that’s languishing, unworn, in a drawer somewhere, you can consult with the designer and have it reformed into something that you’ll both love and wear. Twisted Vintage also operate a party scheme, with which you can earn the pieces in the range that you love free of charge: just gather a group of friends at your home to browse the distinctive range in comfort and privacy and, the more sales made on the night, the more rewards for you. The choice of embellishments and motifs in such a diverse range makes Twisted Vintage jewellery perfect for gift giving too – while browsing, I found myself reminded of various people within my circle due to the presence of, say, a ship on a necklace, or a particular-coloured stone in an earring. That’s my mum and sis sorted for presents this year, then.

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