Top Birthday Gifts for Car-loving Young Adults

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Teenagers and young adults can be difficult to buy for. They have reached that age where they no longer play with dolls or toy cars, but they might not be old enough to legally drink and they don’t have their own houses yet, so you can’t buy them alcohol or home accessories. This makes it tough to decide what to get them each year when their birthdays come around.

There are so many car-related gifts out there, many of which would make great present for young adults who love all things cars. If you’re stuck for what to buy them this year, here are some of the top car-related birthday gifts that they are bound to love.

  1. A Second-Hand Car

This might seem expensive, but a second-hand car is a common gift for many youngsters. As many young adults have just passed their driving tests, but cannot afford to splash out on a brand-new car, many parents choose to buy them a second-hand vehicle instead. Buying used cars is much cheaper than newer cars.

Used Volkswagen Golf cars or other models of a similar size and specification are a great option for new drivers or young adults, as they usually offer cheaper insurance and are easy to drive.

  1. Driving Lessons

If your youngster has not yet started their driving lessons, you can buy some for their birthday. Many driving instructors offer packages of 10 to 20 lessons that you can buy in bulk. Often, 10-20 lessons are enough for a young adult to feel confident enough to take their driving test. Driving lessons are a great birthday gift for many young adults because they’re usually way too expensive for them to buy with their own money.

  1. Personalised Clothing

If your family member or friend is an avid car lover, you could get them a personalised T-shirt with their favourite car printed on the front or back. This is an affordable gift that they are bound to love and use often. Many websites also offer custom text and prints on their clothing items, so you could get their name printed on there too.

  1. A Keyring

Another super affordable gift for your car-loving family or friends is a keyring. There are endless varieties of keyrings, big and small, available online that feature various cars. There are also keyrings available in the style of the car’s badges, which are popular choices for many.

  1. A Car Lamp

This is an unusual one, or maybe one that most of you won’t even think about. A car shaped lamp is a unique and thoughtful gift that you can buy for any car lover. This is probably one of the more expensive gifts out of the list in this article, but it will last a long time and is bound to be useful.

  1. A New Phone Case

Every young person has a phone, and most of them take joy in buying a beautiful phone case to cover the back of it. An affordable gift option for teenagers and young adults in the family that enjoy cars is a brand-new phone case. There’s an unlimited number of car-related cases out there. You can even get personalised phone cases where companies will print one of your personal photos onto the case. This makes the gift extra special and thoughtful.

  1. Framed Photos or Prints

Having prints on the walls is a great way to add a personal touch to your home. Buy your family member or friend a lovely car print to hang on the wall. You can either buy these premade, or you can get them custom drawn or painted depending on your budget. Getting a custom-made print might cost a little more, but it adds that personal touch and an extra bit of thought to your gift.

  1. A Car Mat and Car Figures

If the car lover in your family is a young boy, they might absolutely love a car mat and some small plastic cars to play with. Many small car figures come in packs of multiple different models. Find their favourite cars and get those alongside a car mat to keep them entertained for hours.

  1. Car-related Jewellery

The next great gift idea for any of your friends or family who have an interest in cars is jewellery. You can buy necklaces with small core pendants attached, or you can even buy car-related rings. These are cute and novel gifts that your friends and family or bound to love and wear often. Most of them are made of metals like nickel or stainless steel, as opposed to gold or silver, so they are cheap and cheerful.

  1. A Day Experience

If your friend or family member is old enough to drive, consider buying them on experience. There are plenty of car-related experiences available where you go to a racetrack or to a warehouse where you can drive your favourite cars around. Tickets for this kind of day-long experience might be difficult to get your hands on, and they might cost a little more than your average gift, but they will be absolutely worth it. You could also go along with them if you enjoyed cause too. It’s a fun day out for everyone.

  1. Car Parts or Updates

You might know somebody who has an old and worn car that is in desperate need of updating. A great idea for a birthday gift is to buy some spare car parts for them. Alternatively, if their car is a basic model, they might appreciate getting it spruced up. For example, adding a turbo engine or getting some stickers placed on the side, or adding some fancy wheel trims. These are all possible gifts that you could buy for this person as a birthday present.

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