Secret Santa Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

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Christmas is a time for extreme spending, and more and more people are being badgered for every penny they have during the festive period. Of course, while most are happy to splash out on their loved ones, some would undoubtedly like to spend less during this time of year so that they don’t break the bank. 

Consequently, the game of secret Santa can add a pinch of salt to the financial wounds. Most like to keep it simple and cheap to avoid overspending on colleagues, and to ensure that all the gifts are essentially on par with one another in terms of quality and cost. Of course, this can complicate things too, as it narrows the quota of what can be bought.

Therefore, here are a few secret Santa gifts that won’t break the bank!

Arts and Crafts

If you have a talent for arts and crafts, secret Santa might just be your time to shine. Gather together an assortment of cheap materials and get sewing, drawing, writing, painting, or whatever other creative talents you have. It’ll be a cheap gift for you to make, yet simultaneously something very endearing and personal.

You could make a little Santa or reindeer cuddly toy, write a quick festive themed poem, draw a Christmas scene, and much, much more. There’s lots of room to get creative here and create something small, yet unique and thoughtful. After all, this might mean a lot to a person who was expecting something generic and tedious.

Cookies and Cakes

Obviously, if you’re going to go for the baking option, this will need to be prepared down to the wire, right before the secret Santa shenanigans are about to take place. You don’t want your baked goodies to have a ruined texture from being cooped up too long. If you’re going to do some baking, serving it as fresh as possible is the best way to go.

That said, you could bake a box full of little cupcakes (which let’s face it, everyone loves) and know that you’ve served up a gift that’s delicious, but cheap to put together. You can’t go wrong here and it’s a safe option; if they don’t like cakes or cookies, at least you’ll be in for a treat of your own making!

Everyday Items

While it might seem more in line with the boring kinds of gifts, everyday items can be great for secret Santa. After all, no one is buying gifts that will totally blow the recipients minds. You can get away with some common objects here, so long as they’re genuinely useful to whoever you’re buying.

For example, Card Factory offer gifts on everything from pint glasses to wallets, and these are the kinds of items that can just provide a tiny but cool update to people’s lives. Who knows, this could be exactly what they’re after! So long as it’s not disposable clutter and you buy with the person’s needs in mind, any gift can be a good gift!

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