Just Got Engaged? Top Tips To Announce Your Engagement

engagedSo your partner has popped the question, and you’ve said yes! This is a life changing decision, and understandably you want the whole world to know. There are a vast number of ways that you use to share this news with your loved ones. If you feel unsure how to announce your engagement, follow these top tips and make it a moment you will all cherish forever.

Take your time

Yes, you will be excited to share your big news with everyone you know. But it doesn’t have to be done 2 minutes after the proposal has been made. Take this time to relish being together and soak up every part of this special moment. Don’t rush it and discuss how you would like to announce the news to your friends and family before letting anyone know. You may want to make it a surprise, and this will give you time to plan something.

Don’t go over the top

Once you’ve told your nearest and dearest, it’s time to tell the rest of the world. Social media is a wonderful tool for announcing engagements as it’s so instant and lets your entire friendship list know of your happy news. But going over the top with multiple status posts, teamed with hundreds of pictures of your new sapphire engagement rings is not something you should do. Bombarding people with your happiness is likely to get annoying so share it in a subtle way instead.

Announce your engagement in a personal way

This is one of the most important moments of your life, so why not ditch the traditional and make your announcement personal to you both. Think about what you both like. It could be movies, comic books, baking, anything that you both share an interest in. Choose your theme then get planning an engagement video or photoshoot. Wear your best dress and heels and get the cameras rolling.

This may feel awkward to begin with so instead of making it really romantic, why not make it fun instead. Photographs and footage of you having fun together will show how much you love each other. The additional effort will make your announcement stand out, and it will be a beautiful keepsake for your and your family. Take a look at YouTube to see some creative and unique examples other couples have made.

Time your announcement perfectly

Announcing your engagement needs to be timed to perfection. Regardless of whether you told your family and friends over social media or on the phone, they will be getting in touch with your throughout the day. Your phone will be buzzing constantly which isn’t ideal if you’re having a particularly busy day at work. Share your news on a weekend or day off to allow you time to talk to everyone and give them your full attention. Also, avoid spreading your news late at night as some people may not see it.

With these tips, your engagement news can be enjoyed by everyone. The key is to create something that is personal and fun. Enjoy your engagement and get planning your announcement now.

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